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What Is The Average Size For A Home Office? (Dimensions Guide)

If your home has a spare room or was advertised as having an office space, you might consider setting up a computer station or work area. It’s a good idea to ensure you have enough room, though, and that you can fit all of the furniture in the space that you might need.

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What is the average size of a home office?

Most home offices are between 100 and 200 square feet in size.

How big an office is correlates to how large the home is, but home offices rarely exceed 200 square feet, as more room than that is usually unnecessary.

Many home offices are under 150 square feet. Many home offices are 12 feet by 14 feet, plus or minus a couple of feet along any of the edges.

The average size for a home office might seem small, but it’s actually much larger than a standard office. In an office building, a regular office or an open workstation is usually between 90 and 100 square feet, and a cubicle is only between 36 and 64 square feet.

A smaller home, such as an apartment, bungalow, mobile home, or tiny house, might not have a space specifically designated as an office. If you need an office, though, you can get creative with where you place it in your house.

Because a home office is usually about the same size as a bedroom, many people use a spare room as their office. Other people might use a dining room, which is often close to the size of a home office, although it might be a bit smaller.

Still, other people simply use one wall or a corner of their living room or bedroom to place a small desk. In small homes, particularly tiny homes and apartments, a working or computer area is often part of a multi-use space.

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Average Desk Sizes

If your home office is at least 100 square feet, you should have no issues fitting a desk into the space. Even small or multi-use home office spaces can generally easily contain a small freestanding desk. Most freestanding desks are about 30 inches tall.

Small desks can be about 48 inches long and 24 inches deep, while larger desks are generally around 72 inches wide and about 36 inches deep. Desks are available in many shapes and sizes, however, so you can often find desks that are smaller or bigger than these measurements.

To fit a computer screen and keyboard or laptop comfortably, though, a desk should be at least 20 inches in depth and about 30 inches wide.

If you need to fit your desk into a corner, desks that are angled or curved are also available. In very small spaces, desks that attach to the wall and fold down can be used. These small desks often provide some storage areas as well.

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Average Office Chair Sizes

If you have a desk, you’ll need an office chair to sit in. The only exception is if you have a standing desk, but most standing desks can be lowered so you can occasionally change your position, so it’s a good idea to invest in a comfortable office chair anyway.

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Most office chairs have a footprint that is between 19 and 21 inches wide and 15 to 19 inches deep. If you have a small desk and chair, they will probably take up a combined space of just less than 10 square feet. A larger desk and chair will most likely take up just over 20 square feet.

Since your computer desk and desk chair will only take up between roughly 10 and 20 square feet, you might want to add other, more comfortable chairs for reading or for visitors to sit in.

Standard armchairs usually have a relatively square footprint, and each edge is between 30 and 35 inches long. This means that each chair will take up between 7 and 8.5 square feet, so you could easily fit two armchairs into a standard home office along with an average-sized desk and computer chair.

Most home offices are between 100 and 200 square feet in size and have average dimensions of 12′ x 14′.

Instead of armchairs, you can also add a loveseat to your home office. Loveseats offer more casual seating for guests, and they also give you a place to read, sit more comfortably while studying or talking on the phone, or even take a quick nap.

A loveseat has only two seat sections and is usually about 58 inches long and 38 inches deep, which means it only takes up about 15 square feet and could take up less space than a pair of armchairs.

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Average Ottoman Sizes

Whether you have armchairs or a loveseat, an ottoman is an office furniture addition that makes the space feel more welcoming and comfortable but also more classy. Most ottomans are squares and are between 26 and 40 inches long on each edge.

Small ottomans, however, are often a better choice for a home office, and they’re 18 to 25 inches long on each side.

Average Filing Cabinet Dimensions

Many people also add filing cabinets to their home offices for organization. Although these cabinets aren’t as popular as they once were, they can still be handy. A standard filing cabinet is usually 15 to 18 inches wide and 26 to 28 inches deep.

How tall the cabinet is depends on how many drawers it has, but most cabinets are between 28 and 66 inches tall.

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