Is There A Weight Limit For Segways?

Is There A Weight Limit For Segways?

Segways offer a wonderful way to travel on walking paths without having to walk. Because these vehicles offer balancing corrections at 100 times per second, the weight of the rider and their gear have a huge impact on the safety of transport.

Segways have a low weight limit, a high weight limit and a handlebar weight limit.

Key Takeaways

  • A Segway has a low end weight limit of 100 pounds minimum.
  • A Segway has a high end weight limit of 260 pounds.
  • Many Segways weigh around 100 pounds.

three segways parked on sidewalk

The Low End

A Segway rider has to be at least 100 pounds. For their safety, Segway riders should be at least 12 years old when using rented or borrowed units.

There are new Segway minilites and hover boards that offer access to smaller or younger riders.

However, if you’re traveling and have the chance to rent a Segway to travel along a boardwalk or walking path, most of the rental agencies have a hard limit on age and weight restrictions.

If your child is responsible enough to suit up in proper helmets and gear, they can probably be a safe Segway commuter. It is critical to note that these are tools, not toys.

Hitting someone with a Segway can cause a great deal of harm; not following traffic laws can put your child in danger. Like bicycle safety training, be ready to travel with your child while they learn to manage their Segway on city streets.

Learning to share the road is also critical when teaching anyone to ride a Segway. These vehicles are legal on many bike paths. If you’re on family vacation and have rented Segways for an outing, make sure everyone is following the rules to avoid any hazards.

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The High End

If you’re under the age of 75 and under 260 pounds, you can safely ride a Segway along walking paths and sidewalks. Of course, if you own your Segway and are over 75, you can obviously get out and go.

However, if you’re over 260 there is a good chance you will overload the sensors and be unable to stop or balance the Segway properly.

You move your Segway forward by leaning; the further you lean, the faster you’ll go, at least up to 12.5 miles per hour. Stopping your Segway requires you to lean back a bit.

When you rent a Segway on your vacation, you will be given some training and time to practice.

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Do take care not to overload your body while on your Segway. If you must carry a travel bag, make it a small one.

A Segway has a minimum weight limit of 100 pounds.

A water bottle should go with you, but try not to carry a backpack unless it can be buckled close to your body. Your center of gravity will have an impact on your ability to balance the vehicle.

Too much weight, strapped on too high, may make it impossible to control the Segway once you get moving.

When traveling, pay special attention to the terrain you’re crossing. A Segway ride on a smooth sidewalk will be quite enjoyable.

However, on the cobbled streets of an ancient European city, you’re likely to suffer a lot of chatter as you travel along. These vehicles are not a great option for rough paths or steep hills.

Keep your focus forward and pay special attention to curves and turns. It is possible to fall off a Segway and be badly hurt.

Because you’re standing as you roll along, the risk of taking a hard fall and hurting your head or neck is quite high. As you land, you’ll be tempted to catch yourself and may end up hurting your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

Always be ready to lean back and slow down, keeping an eye out for what is ahead.

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Many Segway riding tools have a handlebar basket for gear. Of course, this will impact how well you can balance the vehicle; the sensors on a Segway are very sensitive.

If you are renting a Segway for travel and plan to do a little shopping, make sure that you stick to light items.

You can’t hang more than 10 pounds of gear on your Segway handlebar storage container. Anything more and you may put the vehicle in a state of constant lean or forward motion, making the stopping process a bigger challenge.

A Segway weighs around 100 pounds. The fact that it can tolerate 10% of its own weight as cargo is really quite remarkable.

That being said, do make sure that your travel plans include time to go drop off shopping before you purchase anything else to avoid overloading your vehicle.

With a bit of planning, you can enjoy a Segway tour of almost any region. If you’re not sure about handling the vehicle, book ahead and spend some time getting a feel for the tool.

Keep your speed down as your confidence climbs to avoid injuring yourself and others on your path.

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