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List Of The Lightest 55-Inch TVs (New for 2024)

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Last updated on March 18th, 2024 at 05:46 pm

If you are in the market for a new tv, one of the biggest factors that go into your decision making process is the overall weight of the tv.

Flat screen TVs have become much lighter than their predecessors from years ago, which is one of their most impressive features.

As technology advances, materials used during construction become lighter and less bulky. These days, many new 55-inch TV’s can be lifted by one person.

If you plan on wall mounting a 55-inch tv, it’s crucial to know the weight of the tv and the weight limits for the wall mount.

If you are looking for a lightweight tv, this article will show you a list of some of the lightest 55-inch TV’s on the market today.

wall mounted 55-inch tv in livingroom

How much does a 55-inch tv weigh?

On average, a 55-inch tv weighs between 25 and 50 pounds without the stand. The overall weight of the tv will vary between brands and the stand will add between 1 to 5 pounds to the weight.

How big is a 55-inch tv?

Depending on the brand and model of the tv, it’s dimensions can vary. Not all 55-inch TV’s are the same size. On average, a 55-inch tv has dimensions of 48 inches wide, 28 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. These dimensions are for the tv only without a stand.

Most 55-inch TV’s will measure 54.6″ diagonally from corner to corner. This measurement is known as screen size and can vary. Although the screen size of the tv is 54.6″, it will still be marketed as a 55-inch tv and not a 54.6″ tv.

If you plan on placing the tv on a wall mount, you won’t need to consider the size of the stand.

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55 inch tv dimensions

Factors that affect the weight of a tv

As mentioned, TVs are constantly evolving and are becoming lighter all the time. The overall weight of a tv is based on several factors.

  • Size of the tv – Larger TV’s generally weigh more but this is not always the case.
  • Type of panel – OLED panels tend to be lighter than LCD and QLED.
  • Additional features and components – The more features and additional components the tv has, the heavier it will be.
  • Materials used during construction – A variety of materials are used during the construction of a tv. Glass, metal, and plastic are used with plastic being the lightest and glass and metal being heavier.

Lightweight 55-inch TV’s

The following is a list of lightweight 55-inch TV’s that are on the market today. The weights shown include the tv stands which can add between 1 to 5 pounds to the actual tv weight.

  1. TCL 4K Smart LED TV – 24.9 pounds
  2. Hisense A6 Series 55-Inch Class 4K – 24.9 pounds
  3. Amazon Fire Omni Series -25 pounds
  4. LG 55-Inch Class UQ9000 Series – 31.3 pounds
  5. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 – 35.7 pounds
55-inch tvDimensionsWeight
TCL 4K Smart LED TV49″W x 28″H x 3.1″D24.9 Pounds (11.29 kg)
Hisense A6 Series 55-Inch Class 4K48.5″W x 28″H x 2.9″D24.9 Pounds (11.29 kg)
Amazon Fire Omni Series48.6”W x 28.5”H x 3.6”D25 Pounds (11.34 kg)
LG 55-Inch Class UQ9000 Series48.6″W x 28″H x 2.3″D31.3 Pounds (14.20 kg)
SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class 4K UHD AU800048.1″W x 27.9″H x 1.1″D35.7 Pounds (16.19 kg)

A 55-inch tv is a popular size as most people find it to be the right size for their living space. Larger TV’s can be too big for the room but TV’s smaller than a 55-inch can be too small.

As mentioned, the size of the tv normally has a direct affect on it’s overall weight. Larger TV’s are generally heavier than smaller TV’s. But this is not always the case.

For example, the 55-inch TCL 4K Smart LED TV only weighs 24.9 pounds. The LG 50-Inch Class UQ9000 Series weighs 26.2 pounds.

Despite being 5 inches larger in screen size, the TCL tv is 1.3 pounds lighter than the LG.

This is just one example so keep this in mind when researching for a new tv.

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