What Are The Dimensions Of A 55 Inch TV?

Dimensions Of A 55-Inch TV? (Exact Sizes)

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Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 07:44 pm

Knowing the exact dimensions of a 55-inch TV can be somewhat confusing.

When a manufacturer says that a certain TV is 55 inches, they are referring to the length of the screen measured diagonally. 

This is known as screen size.

This is different from the actual dimensions of the TV itself.

Once you add the frame size, which will vary for different brands, the length, width, and height of the TV will not be 55 inches.

This is important to know if you are looking to buy a new TV and want to ensure it will fit in the desired space for it in your home.

It’s also important to ensure the TV is the right size for the stand you choose.

Many 55-inch TVs are not the same size and can vary for different manufacturers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Average 55-inch TV size: 48″ x 28″ x 2″.
  • Dimensions are for the TV only.
  • A TV stand can add around 4″ in height and 10″ in width.
  • A 55-inch TV can range from 44 to 49 inches wide.
  • A 55-inch TV can range from 26 to 29 inches high.
  • A 55-inch TV will not fit in most regular sized cars or small SUV’s but will fit in larger sized SUV’s.
  • It is recommended to sit around 7 feet away from a 55-inch TV.

What are the dimensions of a 55-inch TV?

Regardless of the TV size you choose, the important size dimensions to consider are width, height, and thickness.

The average dimensions for a 55-inch tv are 48 inches wide, 28 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. These measurements are for the tv only without a stand and as mentioned, the numbers can vary. 

The width of a TV is also known as the depth or thickness.

When considering TV size, you also need to consider the size of the trim on the TV.

The trims used on new and modern TVs these days are much smaller than they were years ago. 

This can change the overall size of the TV substantially if the trim on the TV is quite wide. 

For example, I purchased a new 52-inch LCD TV back in 2007 which I used as my main TV until I recently upgraded to a 75-inch TV.

The trim on the 52-inch TV is 3 inches on the top and bottom and 5 inches on the bottom.

This really makes a difference in the overall size of the TV. 

My older 52-inch TV is much larger than a new 52-inch TV today.

Check out the trim size of the TV in the following image. It is so thin, you can barely see it.

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Young Couple Watching Romantic Movie On Television Together At Home

Let’s look at the dimensions of the LG UR9000 55-inch LED 4K TV.

This TV has dimensions of 48.6” W x 2.3” D x 28.1” H without the stand. 

The LG 55-inch tv is only 48.6 inches wide. 

The 55-inch measurement is taken diagonally from each corner.

This is the screen size

If you prefer to know the dimensions in centimeters, they are 123.44 W x 5.84 D x 71.37 H. 

The diagonal screen size of 55 inches equals 139.7 centimeters. 

The average dimensions for a 55-inch tv are 48 inches wide, 28 inches tall, and 2 inches thick.

55-inch tv dimensions

Toshiba 55 inch tv dimensions

The following table shows the dimensions of other 55-inch TVs.

Toshiba ModelSize InchesSize Centimeters
4K Fire TV Edition44.3 x 26 x 3.5112.52 x 66.04 x 8.89
Toshiba C350 Series48.5 x 28.0 x 2.9 123.19 x 71.12 x 7.36
LG UR900048.6 x 28.1 x 2.3 123.44 x 71.37 x 5.84
Sony X80K48.54 x 28.07 x 2.83123.29 x 71.29 x 7.18

As you can see from the table, the LG UR9000 55-inch TV is both the widest and the thinnest on the list.

How far should I sit from a 55-inch TV?

When determining the normal sitting distance from your TV, you need to consider both the size of the TV and the screen resolution.

You should also consider the viewing environment and the type of program you are watching at the time. 

According to Sony.com, the recommended viewing distance for a high-definition TV is 3 times the height of the TV.

For example, for a 55-inch TV that has a height of 27.5 inches, you should sit 83 inches away from the TV. 

27.5 inches x 3 = 82.5 inches. 

If your TV is smaller, you can sit closer and if the TV is larger, you should sit further away. 

How wide is a 55-inch TV?

The average 55-inch TV is 48 inches wide. This can vary from 44 to 49 inches in width between makes and models.

What is the height of a 55-inch TV?

The average 55-inch TV is 28 inches high. This can vary from 26 to 29 inches in height between makes and models.

How big is a 55-inch TV in centimeters?

Knowing that the average 55-inch TV dimensions are 48 inches wide x 28 inches tall x and 2 inches thick, we can convert those numbers to centimeters which equals 121.92 cm wide x 71.12 cm tall x 5.08 cm thick.

55 inch tv diagram of dimensions in cm

Will a 55-inch TV fit in my car?

When you purchase a new TV, one of the concerns you might have is trying to figure out if it will fit in your car.

In general, a 55-inch TV will not fit in most cars. 

The only chance of it fitting would be on the rear seat which very few cars will have that amount of space to either fit through the door or fit on the seat itself.

Most cars can only fit up to a 42-inch TV size. 

Considering a new TV will come packaged inside a box that is larger than the TV, this makes fitting a 55-inch TV in most cars near impossible.

Even some smaller SUVs are not suitable. 

Midsize to large SUVs like the Honda CRV or Nissan Rogue will be needed to fit a 55-inch TV safely. 

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