Samsung TV Dimensions - Complete Size Guide

Samsung TV Dimensions – Complete Size Guide

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Last updated on July 7th, 2023 at 02:05 pm

This article is a complete guide for learning the actual dimensions of Samsung TVs. 

Samsung is known for being one of the world’s largest producers of electronics which includes everything from cell phones to appliances, TVs, and much more.

If you are in the market for a new tv, it’s important to know the actual size and dimensions ahead of time. 

Samsung has a huge selection of TVs for you to choose from and they can all vary in size and weight. 

Keep reading to learn more about Samsung TVs and the actual dimensions for each model. 

Samsung TV Dimensions - Complete Size Guide

Samsung TV dimensions overview

The 3 main dimensions you need to consider when purchasing a new tv are length, width, and height. Ensuring the proper dimensions of the tv ahead of time will allow you to place it in the desired location without issues. 

All TVs are known for their screen size. For example, a 65-inch tv has a 65-inch screen. This is the distance measured diagonally from one corner of the screen to the other. 

Many people are confused by the screen size and make the mistake of thinking the number for screen size is the actual size of the tv. 

A 65-inch tv does not mean the tv is 65 inches tall or wide. It’s simply a measurement of the screen itself and does not include the trim or stand of the tv. 

The average dimensions for a 65-inch tv are 58 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 2 inches deep.

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It’s also important to know that not all TVs with the same screen size are the same overall size. For example, a Samsung 65-inch tv might be a different size than an LG 65-inch tv. They are not all the same. 

65 inch tv dimensions

Samsung tv sizes

Samsung currently sells the following tv sizes. 

  • 32-inch
  • 40-inch
  • 43-inch
  • 50-inch
  • 55-inch
  • 58-inch
  • 65-inch
  • 70-inch
  • 75-inch
  • 85-inch

The following dimensions are found on You can use this information to compare the sizes of other makes and models. 


Samsung HD Smart TV T5300

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 29.03” x 17.24” x 2.91”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 29.03” x 18.32” x 5.92”


Samsung FHD Smart TV T5100

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 35.75” x 20.9” x 2.55”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 35.75” x 22.76” x 7.73”


Samsung FHD Smart TV T5300

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 38.57” x 22.51” x 3.04”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 38.57” x 23.48” x 6.70”


Samsung Crystal UHD BU8000

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 44.0” x 25.37” x 1.01”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 44.0” x 26.95” x 8.90”

Samsung TVScreen sizeDimensions w/o standDimensions w/ stand
HD Smart TV T530032-inch 29.03” x 17.24” x 2.91”29.03” x 18.32” x 5.92”
FHD Smart TV T510040-inch 35.75” x 20.9” x 2.55”35.75” x 22.76” x 7.73”
FHD Smart TV T530043-inch38.57” x 22.51” x 3.04”38.57” x 23.48” x 6.70”
Crystal UHD BU800050-inch44.0” x 25.37” x 1.01”44.0” x 26.95” x 8.90”
QLED 4K Q60B55-inch48.50” x 27.88” x 1.01”48.50” x 29.36” x 8.81”
Crystal UHD TU700058-inch50.8” x 29.47” x 2.35”50.8” x 32.25 x 9.83”
QLED 4K Q60B65-inch57.12” x 32.73” x 1.01”57.12” x 34.3” x 10.78”
TU7000 4K UHD70-inch61.9″ x 34.4″ x 2.4″61.9″ x 37.8″ x 13.4″
NEO QN85B75-inch 65.7″ x x 37.7″ x 1.1″65.7″ x 40.1″ x 12.3″
NEO QN90B85-inch74.5″ x x 42.6″ x 1.1″74.5″ x 45.1″ x 14.4″
Samsung tv dimensions table


Samsung QLED 4K Q60B

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 48.50” x 27.88” x 1.01”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 48.50” x 29.36” x 8.81”


Samsung Crystal UHD Smart TV TU7000

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 50.8” x 29.47” x 2.35”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 50.8” x 32.25 x 9.83”


Samsung QLED 4K Q60B

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 57.12” x 32.73” x 1.01”

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 57.12” x 34.3” x 10.78”


Samsung TU7000 4K UHD

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): ​​61.9″ x 34.4″ x 2.4″

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 61.9″ x 37.8″ x 13.4″


Samsung NEO QN85B

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 65.7″ x x 37.7″ x 1.1″

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 65.7″ x 40.1″ x 12.3″


Samsung NEO QN90B

Dimensions without stand (WxHxD): 74.5″ x x 42.6″ x 1.1″

Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 74.5″ x 45.1″ x 14.4″

How much does a 55-inch Samsung tv weigh?

Depending on the model, a Samsung 55-inch tv weighs between 35-45 pounds. The Samsung 55-inch QLED Frame 4K tv weighs 37.3 pounds.

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