Things That Are 1 Yard Long

Things That Are 1 Yard Long (9 Examples)

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If you are interested in learning about items that are 1 yard long, you will see 9 examples here.

A yard is considered to be a measurement of length in the British and US measurement system. 

1 yard is equal to 3 feet or 36 inches. 

It’s quite common for items to be measured in feet or inches, but yards can be used as well.

Here are 9 things that are 1 yard in length.

  1. Football yard marking
  2. Width of a door
  3. Yardstick
  4. 3 Rulers
  5. Golf club
  6. Adult walking step
  7. Half of a full size mattress
  8. 3 Apple Macbook pro’s
  9. 6 Box cutter knives

Things That Are 1 Yard Long

Football yard marking

One of the best examples of something that is 1 yard long is the yard markings on a football field.

When looking at the football field, you will notice small white lines that are placed exactly 1 yard apart.

Those lines are also called yard lines or yard markers.

A football field is 100 yards long and there are 98 of these one-yard lines that run the full length of the field. 

Football field 1-yard markings

Width of a door

The most common sized door used in many homes is 80 inches tall x 36 inches wide.

Not all doors in your home will be this size and they can vary.

But if you consider the door going into a bedroom or bathroom, chances are it will be 36 inches wide which is equal to 3 feet or 1 yard.

The width of a doorway is a great visualization of something that is 1 yard long. 

1 Yard door width


If you are familiar with the common yardstick, this will give you an exact example of something that is 1 yard long.

Most yardsticks are made out of wood and can be either 1 yard or 2 yards long, with 1 yard being the most common.

You can use the yardstick to measure feet as well as they are 36 inches or 3 feet long


3 Rulers

Another common measuring tool is the ruler. Many rulers, although not all, are 1 foot or 12 inches long.

Therefore, if you can picture 3 of these rulers placed together in a row, they will equal 3 feet long which is the same as 1 yard. 

3 Rulers = 1 yard long

Golf club

If you are a golf player, you know that not all golf clubs are the same size.

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Putters, irons, and drivers are all different lengths. But on average, a standard 7, 8, 9 iron golf club will be 36 inches or 3 feet long.

Junior golf clubs will be much smaller than adult clubs but if you measure some of the smaller irons in your bag, they will be close to being 1 yard in length. 

1 Yard golf club length

Adult walking step

Not all people will have the same size of walking step.

But it will give you a good reference for something that is 1 yard long.

On average, an adult at normal walking speed will have a 2.5 to 3 foot step. Of course, younger people or children will have a much shorter step.

If you are an adult, you can measure the length of 1 full step and it will be close to 1 yard long. 

1 Yard walking step

Half of a full size mattress

Both full-size and double-size mattresses measure 75 inches long.

So although it’s not an exact measurement, if you cut one of these mattresses in half, it will equal just over 3 feet or 36 inches long.

Therefore, half of a full-size mattress is around 1 yard long. 

Half full-sized mattress = 1 yard long

3 Apple Macbook pro’s

If you are an Apple product user, you may be familiar with the Macbook pro.

They are a popular laptop that can be used as a reference for length.

The Macbook pro is just over 12 inches or 1 foot long.

If you placed 3 Macbook pro’s together in a row, they would equal just over 36 inches long which is equal to 1 yard. 

3 Macbook pro’s = 1 yard long

6 Box cutter knives

The box cutter knife is popular for cutting cardboard and breaking down boxes.

They can be found at most hardware stores and online.

They are also known as a utility knife and can be used to cut many other things other than cardboard.

Most of these knives are 6 inches long, therefore if you placed 6 of them together in a row, they would measure 36 inches or 3 feet long.

This is also equal to 1 yard long and will give you a good reference of something that is 1 yard in length.

6 utility knives = 1 yard long

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