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List Of Things That Weigh 30 Grams

Thirty grams is a small weight, equal to just over 1 ounce. Because it’s so small, it can be difficult to get a feel for just how much 30 grams is, but looking at a few common objects can help you better visualize something of that size.

12 Pennies

Coins are an excellent way to estimate weights because each minted coin weighs an exact amount, and it’s generally easy to gather together enough coins to reach whatever small weight you’re looking to measure. Because they’re so exact, coins are also a good option for calibrating a scale.

Pennies are a great choice for measuring 30 grams because they’re so common. One freshly minted penny weighs exactly 2.5 grams, so you would need 12 pennies to reach 30 grams.

If the pennies are older, they may have a little dirt on them, which could cause them to weigh a bit more. However, whatever dirt the pennies have on them usually weighs so little that it won’t make any difference in the final weight.

You can also use other coins to estimate 30 grams. For example, a newly minted nickel weighs exactly 5 grams, so six nickels would weigh 30 grams.

holding a penny with fingers

A Pencil

A brand-new pencil usually weighs around 1 ounce, which means it weighs just slightly less than 30 grams. Most people can imagine how a pencil feels in their hand, so this is a great option for imagining how heavy 30 grams is.

As you sharpen a pencil, however, you will reduce its weight, so only estimate using a pencil that has never been sharpened. You can also use a mechanical pencil, which weighs about the same amount.

One AA Battery

A single AA battery weighs about 1.1 ounces, which is slightly heavier than 30 grams. Because they’re so compact, batteries often feel heavy for their size.

AA batteries are one of the most common battery types, and they’re used in things like remote controls, flashlights, and children’s toys.

aa battery

30 Paper Clips

Like coins, paper clips are a convenient way to estimate weights because they all weigh a consistent amount, and they’re very common.

A single regularly-sized paper clip weighs almost exactly 1 gram, so 30 paper clips are equal to about 30 grams.

Large paper clips weigh between about 1.5 and 2 grams each, so you would only need between 15 and 20 large paper clips to equal 30 grams.

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Two CDs

CDs aren’t used very much anymore, as digital files are more convenient and, therefore, more popular. However, most people can still remember how it feels to hold a CD and how lightweight they are.

One CD weighs about 0.58 ounces or just over 16 grams. This means that two CDs would weigh only a little over 30 grams.

These weights only work for CDs that aren’t in a case. A paper or cardboard CD sleeve weighs about 3 grams, and a plastic jewel case weighs between 1.5 and 2.5 ounces.

pair of cd's

Two Mice

When someone thinks of a mouse, they usually think of a very small animal, but it’s sometimes surprising to find out just how little mice weigh.

A common house mouse only weighs about 0.68 ounces or around 19 grams, so two mice would weigh close to or just over 30 grams.

Eurasian harvest mice are even smaller, weighing only 0.25 ounces. You would need four of these mice to reach a weight close to 30 grams.

Other mice varieties, such as the striped field mouse, are larger and weigh closer to 0.75 ounces or about 21 grams. Some mice even weigh right around 1.1 ounces, putting them very close to 30 grams.

pair of mice

A Slice of Bread

If you’ve ever picked up a slice of bread to make toast or a sandwich, you can imagine how much 30 grams is. This is because a single slice of bread usually weighs right around or just over 30 grams.

Different types of bread will, of course, weigh slightly different amounts. How large the loaf and how thick the slice of bread is can affect how much it weighs. Ingredients can also affect a slice’s weight.

A Parakeet

In order for their light bones to support their bodies and be able to lift them into the air, birds must be very lightweight themselves, relative to their overall body size.

Parakeets can be between 5 and 11 inches long, but a healthy parakeet should only weigh between 25 and 36 grams. If you’ve ever had a parakeet stand on your finger, you can easily imagine a weight of around 30 grams.

Using a parakeet to estimate 30 grams, however, only works if you’re thinking of an American parakeet or a European budgie.

Other parakeet varieties, such as monk parakeets, rose-ringed parakeets, and plain parakeets, are a bit larger and weigh more. These birds are much less common as pets, though.

parakeet sitting on a wire

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