How Far Is 500 Yards?

How Far Is 500 Yards? (With Visuals)

This article will show you how far 500 yards is with examples.

500 yards is a distance that can be seen visually for some people depending on your visual acuity. 

According to, the average person can see a distance of 3 miles away when standing on a flat surface with your eyes 5 feet off the ground. 

500 yards is equal to 0.28 miles, therefore with good vision, you will be able to see this distance. 

If you are looking to find out how far away 500 yards is, you can reference this measurement with the length or distance of other items to help give you a sense of this distance.

As 500 yards is not a distance you would normally measure with a standard measuring tape.

I have compiled a list of items for you to reference when determining how far away 500 yards is. 

500 yards equals 1500 feet or 457.2 meters.

5 Football fields

One of the best references to use for 500 yards is a professional football field. 

Each field is 100 yards long between the goal lines and although you may never see 5 football fields placed together in a row, it’s easy to imagine the size of 5 football fields once you know the size of one. 

1 football field = 100 yards long

5 football fields = 500 yards long

football field - 500 yards

10 Statue of Liberty

The famous Statue of Liberty in New York, USA is just over 150 feet tall not including the base. Many people are familiar with the size of this statue.

To get a sense of how far 500 yards really is, you would need to imagine 10 times the height of these statues to equal 1500 feet which would be exactly 500 yards away. 

13 Boeing 737 aircraft wingspan

The Boeing 737 jet aircraft is one of the most commonly used airplanes around the world. 

If you have ever been on one of these airplanes, you may have noticed how long the wingspan is. This is the length of the wings from tip to tip. 

On the Boeing 737-800 series, the wingspan is 117.5 feet which is about 40 yards

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In order to visualize how far 500 yards is, you would need 13 of these airplanes placed wingtip to wingtip for the length to equal 500 yards. 

42 School busses

School busses can vary in size but the full-sized bus that holds around 90 passengers is close to 35 feet long or 11.66 yards. 

If you can imagine 42 school busses lined up in a row, they would be very close to measuring 500 yards long. 

Willis Tower

The Willis Tower in Chicago, USA used to be named the Sears Tower and was completed in 1974. 

It stands 108 stories tall which is equal to 1450 feet. 

Although this skyscraper is not exactly 500 yards tall (483 to be exact), the Willis Tower is a great example of something that you can reference for how far 500 yards is.  

1.5 Cruise ships

If you have been on a cruise ship, you will know visually how long they are. 

The average-sized ship is around 1000 feet or 333 yards long with some being shorter and a few even larger. 

The largest cruise ship in the world is the Harmony of the Seas which is 1188 feet long. 

Picturing one and a half cruise ships is an example of how far 500 yards is as it would equal 1500 feet in length.

9 Olympic pools

Pools that are used in the Olympics are much longer in size than a regular pool.

If you are familiar with the sport of swimming in the Olympics, the pools that are used for long races are 50 meters long. This is equal to just under 55 yards. 

Therefore, if you can picture 9 Olympic swimming pools together, they would equal close to 500 yards in length. 

12 Times the distance from home plate to second base in baseball

A baseball field is often used for referencing the length or distance of something. 

For example, if you measure the distance from home plate to second base, it would equal 127 feet or 42.33 yards. This is the distance used by professional leagues like Major League Baseball. 

If you can visualize this distance, imagine 12 times the size to see how far 500 yards really is. 

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