What Are The Dimensions Of A 2 Person Infrared Sauna?

What Are The Dimensions Of A 2 Person Infrared Sauna?

Last updated on May 14th, 2022 at 01:32 pm

There is nothing more relaxing after a strenuous workout or a long day at the office than sitting back in an infrared sauna. Two-person spas are ideal for allowing couples to unwind after a stressful day.

Learning about the dimensions and how to choose a sauna will help you when having one of these installed in your home.

man and woman in sauna

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

A traditional sauna creates heat in the air around you, making you sweat. Infrared saunas operate much differently. Instead of creating heat through steam, these saunas use infrared light to warm your body without heating the air.

Infrared saunas were invented by John Harvey Kellogg in 1891. These saunas use infrared panels and operate at a much lower temperature than traditional saunas. Infrared saunas only go up to around 150 degrees, whereas traditional saunas can rise as high as 180 degrees.

2 person sauna

What Are the Dimensions of a Two-Person Infrared Sauna?

The dimensions of an infrared sauna will vary according to the type, brand, and model. Two-person infrared saunas have three important measurements. You need to know the height, width, and depth of the sauna before purchasing.

Most two-person infrared saunas measure four feet wide, four feet deep, and around six feet high. This is the perfect size for two people to sit inside and relax for sweating sessions. Before purchasing an infrared indoor sauna, it would be wise for you to measure both the sauna and your indoor space.

small wooden modern infrared sauna
small wooden modern infrared sauna

How Much Space Does an Indoor Two-Person Sauna Need?

For a two-person infrared sauna, you are going to need a five-by-five space with a height of about seven feet. You will need to make sure there is plenty of room for the door to open and close and for people to enter and exit the sauna.

This type of sauna does not create any steam, so it is ideal for homes that cannot handle an influx of humidity. Infrared saunas also do not heat up the space around them.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 2 Person Infrared Sauna?

How to Determine What Size of Sauna You Need

The size of a sauna varies according to the manufacturer, style, and capacity. After you have determined the amount of space you have available, you will also need to consider how many people will use the sauna at one time.

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If you live alone and will not be entertaining friends, a one-person sauna is ideal. These saunas are typically three by three feet and around five to six feet high. One-person saunas can be set up in just about any room, including your bedroom.

You will also need to determine if you plan on lying down in the sauna or will sit. If you intend to lie down on the bench, you will need to ensure you purchase an infrared sauna that is at least six feet wide.

2 person sauna with red light on

FAQ About Infrared Sauna Dimensions

Installing a new infrared sauna in your home takes careful research. Most people have a lot of questions regarding saunas and their sizes. The following are some of the top questions and their answers.

What Is the Right Size For a Sauna?

Purchasing the right size is essential for your comfort and usage. The average size of European saunas are four feet deep, six feet wide, and five feet high. It is important to note that you may need a larger height so you do not have to stoop down to go into the sauna.

What Size Do You Need For Four People?

If you have a four-person family, you are going to need a bigger sauna. If four people are going to use the sauna at once, you should purchase an eight by twelve foot model.

This size will give you extra room for all four people to sit inside. It is important to make sure there are at least two benches inside the sauna.

4 person infrared sauna

What Is the Average Sauna Bench Size?

Most sauna benches are 18 to 22 inches wide. This is the perfect width for a single person. For a double bench, you should choose a 36-inch width for a higher level of comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

The benefits of using an infrared sauna are very much the same as traditional saunas. Consider the following benefits to help you decide if an infrared sauna is right for your home.

  • Improved sleep
  • Deep relaxation
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin and reduced pore size
  • Sore muscle relief
  • Joint pain relief
  • Circulation improvement
  • Body detoxification
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Find the Perfect Infrared Sauna Today

By using the information above, you should now be equipped to choose the right-sized sauna for your needs. An infrared sauna will allow you to relax deeply after a long day.

Infrared saunas do not heat up your home or increase its humidity levels. This is the perfect type of sauna to allow you to experience a high level of comfort and relaxation everyone in the family will enjoy.

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