common things that are 5 feet tall

7 Common Things That Are 5 Feet Tall

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 09:53 am

Knowing a few things that are 5 feet tall can be very helpful in everyday life. There is a good chance that someday you will need to know the height of something when you don’t have a measuring tape on hand. Being able to reference these items is not only helpful but fun and educational at the same time.

Here are 7 common things that are 5 feet tall.

Did you know? 5 feet is equal to 1.66667 yards.

#1. A Round Area Rug

Although most rectangular area rugs have at least one side that’s 6 feet or more in length, round area rugs, such as what someone might put under a table or in front of a couch, often have a diameter of 5 feet.

This means that if you’re looking down at the rug with your feet at one edge, the exact opposite edge is 5 feet away from you. Runner rugs, such as what might go in a narrow hallway, are also usually 5 feet by 2 feet.

All rugs have some variations in size and design, so they may be an inch or two longer or shorter, but imagining the shape of a round area rug will accurately estimate 5 feet.

#2. A Standing Lamp

Standing lamps can vary in size and appearance, but most are right around 5 feet tall with the shade on. Although heights can vary by a few inches here or there, since lamps vary in shape, you can get a good idea of how tall 5 feet is by looking to the nearest standing lamp.

#3. A Medium-Sized Artificial Christmas Tree

Real Christmas trees are available in a wide variety of heights, including 5 feet and a variety of heights around that number. Artificial Christmas trees, however, are much more standardized.

Although the tree may vary greatly in shape, width, and appearance, many medium-sized artificial Christmas trees, designed for use in apartments or smaller rooms, are exactly 5 feet tall. This compact shape helps to save space and makes decorating simple.

You can even purchase boxes or wraps that are designed specifically for storing 5 foot tall artificial Christmas trees.

#4. A Folding Table

Most standard dining room tables are about 6 feet long, but folding tables are a bit different. These tables, which generally have a plastic top and two sets of fold-out metal legs, are usually 5 feet long. Tables of this type are often used for large events in order to provide enough seating or for additional counter space.

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If you can picture one of these tables leaning upright against a wall, you can accurately estimate how tall 5 feet is. Some of these tables collapse even further, folding in half at exactly the 2 and a half foot mark.

#5. A Step Ladder

Step ladders can be found in a variety of sizes, but 5 feet is common. Step ladders of this particular height usually have four steps, and when they’re opened, they may be a bit shorter than 5 feet due to the spread of the legs.

Step ladders of this size are commonly found in the home, as they’re small enough to move around easily but tall enough to be useful on a variety of tasks. They can also be stored easily in a garage, pantry, or large closet.

If you’ve ever changed a high lightbulb, hung curtains, or put up holiday lights, chances are that you have used a 5-foot step ladder at some point.

#6. A Power Strip Cord

Power strips are extremely useful items. Not only do they usually provide surge protection in case of a storm or electricity overload, but they also turn a single outlet into several. Many power strips feature four or more additional plugs, and they can be turned on or off with the flick of a button.

In addition, the strips are attached to a longer extension cord, making them quite versatile. For power strips, this cord is usually exactly 5 feet long. Many other extension cords, without the power strip feature, are also 5 feet long, although cords can be found in a wide variety of lengths.

#7. A Park Bench

With just enough room for two people to sit comfortably side by side, a park bench is usually right around 5 feet long, if it isn’t exactly 5 feet. Similarly, garden benches or two-seater outdoor swings are also usually five feet long. Love seats or two-seat sofas are also generally right around 5 feet in length.

Your living room couch, on the other hand, is probably just over 6 feet. Because love seats, swings, and park benches all vary slightly in design, shape, and size, some may be a few inches taller or shorter than 5 feet.

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