things that are 6 feet long

9 Things That Are 6 Feet Long (You Won’t Believe #5)

Trying to visualize how tall 6 feet is can be difficult. You could take a guess, but chances are your estimation in height won’t be exact.

If you could refer to certain items that are 6 feet tall, it would be very helpful.

I have put together a list of 9 things that are 6 feet long for you to reference.

  1. A 1×6 board
  2. A couch
  3. A step ladder
  4. A refrigerator
  5. An Aligator
  6. 2 guitars
  7. Male Cougar
  8. 2 yardsticks
  9. 2 Golden retrievers
things that are 6 feet long

How tall is 6 feet?

6 feet is equal to 72 inches or 1.82 meters. 6 feet is also the same as 182.88 centimeters or 2 yards.

1. A 1×6 board

A common-sized 1×6 board measures 6 feet tall and is used for carpentry, furniture, shelving, and hobbies. The 1×6 board is actually 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ but is called a 1×6.

These boards are also available in other lengths but it is common to see them used as a 6 foot board.

2. A couch

Many people will have a 6 foot couch in their home. It is a very common size. Although you can buy a couch in other sizes.

A couch is also known as a sofa, futon, or chesterfield. A 6 foot couch will seat 2 or 3 people comfortably with some room to spare.

The couch or sofa is normally shaped in the form of a bench with cushions and armrests that are upholstered. The 6 foot long couch can be bought at most furniture stores and will vary in price.

3. A step ladder

A common size for a step ladder is 6 feet. This size ladder will not be too heavy or overwhelming to use for basic jobs.

Although you won’t be able to reach things that are really high, a 6-foot step ladder is suitable for many jobs around the house.

Most 6-foot step ladders will have a weight limit or load capacity of around 225-300 pounds and are made out of aluminum.

Most step ladders will have a platform top and are easy to fold up and store without taking up too much space.

6 foot step ladders are available at most hardware stores or online.

4. A refrigerator

Refrigerators can vary in size and depending on the space you have in your kitchen, there are many options available.

A 6 foot tall refrigerator is a common choice and will fit in most kitchen designs. Many fridges will be 70 inches tall which is only 2 inches short of 72 inches or 6 feet tall.

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When measuring the height of a refrigerator, include the height of the freezer.

5. An Alligator

Alligators are very large animals commonly seen in Florida, USA.

The average length of an Alligator is between 3-13 feet but a 6-foot long alligator is very common.

Some people will confuse an alligator with a crocodile. The biggest difference between the two is the crocodile has a longer snout.

A 6 foot alligator can live between 30-50 years and will weigh around 250 pounds.

6. 2 Acoustic guitars

A full size acoustic guitar is around 36 inches or 3 feet long. A 3 foot long guitar is normally used by an adult as children will need much smaller sizes.

Acoustic guitars will vary in size and weight and any guitar player will tell you how important the size and feel of the guitar is.

If you picture 2 full size acoustic guitars lined up together, they would equal around 6 feet long.

7. Male Cougar

The second-largest cat in the world is a cougar. The first being a Jaguar.

The Cougar is sometimes called a Puma and the male Cougar can reach a length of 6 feet long or around 2.5 meters.

Female Cougars are not as long as the males, but they can still reach 2 meters in length.

The Cougar is a very fast and aggressive predator cat and can be found in Northern Canada Yukon and South America.

8. Two yardsticks

A yardstick is a common measuring tool that is 1 yard long and shows 36 inches. This is equal to 3 feet long.

A yardstick can be either a straight edge or folding stick used to measure length.

Yardsticks are made with either wood or plastic and can have metal or plastic joints allowing them to be folded.

#9. Two Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds kept by families. They are known to be very loyal and kind.

These dogs are medium to large-sized and normally reach a length of around 36 inches or 3 feet long. 2 Golden Retrievers together would measure around 6 feet long. Some Golden Retrievers can grow to be larger and reach 38-40 inches long.

They can also weigh around 75 pounds when full grown and live up to 12 years.

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