What Size Pool Cue Do I Need?

What Size Pool Cue Do I Need?

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 01:14 pm

There is nothing more fun and relaxing than a game of pool. To enjoy the game thoroughly, you need a perfectly sized cue stick. Those new to playing pool may not realize all cue sticks are not the same.

When purchasing a cue stick, there are a few things you need to regard. First and foremost, you need to consider the size of your hand. Your height also comes into play when buying a cue stick.

You also need to evaluate the weight of the cue stick. In this guide, you will learn about all these factors, to determine the cue stick size you need. With the right dimensions, you can master the game of pool and enjoy it more comfortably.

What Size Pool Cue Do I Need?

Consider the Size of Your Hands

The size of your hands is an essential consideration when choosing a cue stick. The length of your hands will determine the diameter of the cue stick you need.

If the diameter is too large for your hand size, you are going to find shots become uncomfortable and inaccurate. Diameters that are too small will lead to hand cramps.

The diameter of cue sticks ranges from 12mm to 13mm. You may think this is not a significant difference, but cue stick manufacturers go up by 1/4mm with each additional size they make. Even a 1/4mm difference can affect the comfort and grip of your hands.

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Consider Your Height

You have chosen the perfect pool table. (If you need help determining whether a pool table will fit in your single-car garage, read this article.)

Now, you need to purchase the best cue stick.

Many people do not realize cue stick length is critical for successful play. When purchasing a cue stick, you need to consider your height. While the most common cue stick length is 58-inches, you may need a different length, depending on your height. Consider the information below.

Shorter cue sticks come in lengths around 52-inches. These cue sticks are best for people who are 5-foot and under.

Standard cue sticks are around 58-inches. Standard cue sticks are going to fit most people.

Longer cue sticks are around 61-inches and are ideal for people who are 6-foot or over.

You can also have custom pool cue sticks made to fit your height. Although there is a greater expense for these cue sticks, many people feel they are worth the cost because of the level of intuitive feel provided.

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Consider the Weight of the Cue Stick

If you have never played pool, you may be unaware of all the nuances involved in weight and why it is important for getting the best shot. Weight does play an integral role in your shots and comfort.

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Pool cue stick manufacturers know the weight requirements of players vary, and customization is critical. To ensure the highest level of comfort and control, most cue sticks can be weighted according to the player’s needs.

At the bottom of a pool cue stick, there is a stopper/bumper. In most cue sticks, this stopper is removable. When you remove the plug, you will find weights inside. Most players discover that 19 to 20 ounces is their sweet spot.

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Weight ranges for pool sticks are 18 to 21 ounces. If you choose a lighter weight of 18 ounces, you will find the targeted ball moves into the pocket at a much slower weight, while the cue ball moves faster, creating a snap. Many players like having a snap, but there is also something to be said of heavier cue stick weight.

Using a heavier weighted cue stick creates the opposite effect of a lighter weight. You will find the targeted ball moves much faster towards the pocket, while the cue ball moves much slower. This phenomenon happens because of the greater weight and reduction of snap.

The average person will use a 58 inch pool cue.

Because the cue stick weight can be changed, you can play around with weight increments until you find your sweet spot. Many new pool players make the mistake of trying to use the weight of their favorite professional pool player. This is not wise.

What weight one person uses may not be right for you. Remember to choose a pool cue stick that allows you to change out the bolts for the perfect weight. Try lighter and heavier weights and see which one helps you get the perfect shot.

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What Is the Best Cue Stick Length For Children?

If your child wants to play pool, purchasing their own cue stick helps them get in the game more comfortably. The most common youth size is 48-inches, which fits most children ranging in height from 3’5 to 5’4. The following are some of the typical youth sizes.

  • 29-inches for children under 3’4
  • 42-inches for children 3’4 to 3’6
  • 48-inches for children 3’5 to 5’4
  • 52-inches for children 5’2 to 5’7
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Find the Perfect Pool Cue Stick to Get In the Game

Ideally, you should consider the above information and try out different cue sticks until you find one that works perfectly for your size and playing style. From the size of your hands to your height, there is a lot to consider when choosing a cue stick size.

With the right size, your shots will hit those pockets like never before.

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