Will A Pool Table Fit In A Single Car Garage?

Will A Pool Table Fit In A Single Car Garage?

Last updated on July 4th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

Pool tables offer hours of fun for people of all ages. Many individuals want one in their homes, but the size is a factor to consider.

If you’ve always wanted to own a pool table, but are worried about where to put it, allow this information to guide you.

Will A Pool Table Fit In A Single Car Garage?

Pool Tables Are Available in Different Sizes

Pool tables come in multiple sizes, allowing them to fit in well with just about any space. When measuring a pool table, you measure it between the noses of the cushions to get the size of the play area.

A standard regulation size pool table is 9-feet (100 inches by 50 inches). Although you would need a regulation size if you were playing in a professional pool tournament, you can purchase a smaller size to better fit within your single car garage.

The following are some of the different measurements and types of pool tables available for purchase.

  • Snooker pool tables are 12-foot (140 inches by 70 inches)
  • Oversized pool tables are 10-foot (112 inches by 56 inches)
  • Pro 8 pool tables are 8-foot (92 inches by 46 inches)
  • Typical home pool tables are 8-foot (88 inches by 44 inches)
  • Larger bar box pool tables are 7-foot plus (72-82 inches by 39-41 inches)
  • Bar box pool tables are 7-foot (74-78 inches by 37-39 inches)
  • Small bar box pool tables are 6-foot (70-74 inches by 35-37 inches)
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How to Find the Distance Between the Diamonds

To easily determine the distance between the diamonds, you will need to either divide the playing surface length by 4 or 8. This will give you the playing size of the table.

Measure Your Single Car Garage

Next, you are going to need to measure the dimensions of your garage. Most garages are rectangular in shape. You will need to measure the length and the width of the room to determine the size.

The average size of a single-car garage is 12 feet wide by 22 feet deep. There are also some other common single-car garage measurements, including the following.

  • 14 feet by 22 feet
  • 26 feet by 24 feet
  • 14 feet by 24 feet
A Games Room with Pool Table, Foosball and Darts Board.

How to Determine If a Pool Table Will Fit in Your Garage

Many people do not realize they need to measure their cue sticks as a part of deciding if a pool table will fit. Just because a pool table fits in a garage does not mean it is playable.

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You are going to need room to make your shot, walk around, and have space for the cue stick. The average cue stick is 57 to 59 inches long.

To figure out how much room you need for the pool table, cue stick, and stance, you will need to add about 80-90 inches to each side measurement. There are shorter cue sticks if you do not have a lot of room in your garage.

Because people need to choose a cue stick based on their height, 57 to 59 inches may be too long or even too short. Consider the following information to know which size of cue stick you need for your height.

  • People who are 4 foot to 5 foot will need a 42-inch cue.
  • People who are 5 foot to 5’8 will need a 52-inch cue.
  • People who are 5’8 to 6’4 will need a 58-inch cue.
  • People who are 6’5 and over will need a 61-inch cue.
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Breaking Down the Numbers

Now, let’s consider some possibilities to help you understand how to figure out if a pool table will fit in your single-car garage.

You have decided to purchase a Snooker pool table. You can see from the information above that this pool table is 140 inches by 70 inches.

You are 6’0, so you are going to need a 58-inch cue stick. To give yourself room to walk around the pool table and use your cue stick, you are going to need to add about 80 inches to each side of the table.

This means, your garage needs to be at least 220 inches by 150 inches. To convert this to feet, divide 220 and 150 by 12. This gives you 18 feet by 12 feet. You will need a single-car garage that is at least this size.

Do Not Fret If Your Garage Is Smaller

If your garage is a smaller size, do not worry. There are other options. Small bar box pool tables are only 6-foot which would mean you need much less room than for a snooker table.

Most single-car garages are perfect places for pool tables, especially if they are not regulation size.

Before purchasing a pool table, make sure to measure the garage entrance because it could limit the size you can choose.

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