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What Size Shed Do I Need For A Golf Cart?

Choosing a suitable shed for a golf cart depends on the size of the golf cart, whether you want space to store other items, and where you want to position the cart inside the shed.

Average Golf Cart Dimensions

Most golf carts measure about 48 inches (4 feet) wide and 75 inches (6.25 feet) tall. The length depends on the number of passengers.

The typical two-seat golf cart measures about 92 inches (7.66 feet) long. A six-seat golf cart may measure 138 inches (11.5 feet) long.

However, golf carts come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some designs measure a little wider or taller than the average size. Before building a
shed to store your golf cart, measure the exact dimensions of your cart.

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Interior Dimensions for a Golf Cart Shed

The dimensions of the shed should offer enough clearance around the sides and back to allow the driver and passengers to comfortably exit the cart and walk out the door of the shed

Providing three feet of clearance should offer enough space to walk around the cart. If you plan on parking the cart directly in line with the door, the shed should measure at least 10 feet wide.

The depth of the shed should measure 10.66 feet to 14.5 feet, depending on the length of the cart. 10×10 feet and 10×12 feet are a couple of the most common sizes for outdoor sheds for storing golf carts and other small vehicles, such as motorcycles or ATVs.

A 10×10-foot outdoor shed may fit a smaller golf cart but may only provide a little over 2 feet to walk behind the cart and exit the shed. A 10×12-foot shed is more likely to accommodate a smaller cart while offering a little extra space.

The inside of the shed should have a height of at least seven feet. A height of seven feet offers enough head clearance to drive a golf cart into the shed safely. Seven feet of head clearance should also accommodate most people.

10 x 10 outdoor shed

Storing More Than a Golf Cart in the Shed

If you plan on storing other items in the shed or want to park the cart on one side of the shed, you may need to increase the dimensions.
For example, add one to two feet of space along the width or depth of the shed for extra storage.

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Adding just one to two feet of space can provide room for storage shelves, tool racks, golf clubs, or other accessories.

Door Size for a Golf Cart Shed

Based on the average sizes for golf carts, the door to the shed should measure a little over four feet wide and close to seven feet tall. However, you may need a wider door if your golf cart is wider than average.

If the shed’s opening needs to measure over four feet wide, the design may include an overhead or double door. A four-foot-wide door may weigh too much to support with a set of hinges on one side.

A double door cuts the weight in half, each having a separate set of hinges. An overhead door, such as those found in garages, is easier to open and close but requires additional height clearance.

You may need to add another 12 inches to the height of the shed when adding a rolling garage door, sectional door, or tilt-up door.

outdoor wood shed for golf carts with 4 x 7 door

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Golf Cart Shed?

Most cities and townships have building regulations for secondary structures on residential lots. The requirements typically list a maximum size in square feet for buildings that do not require a permit.

Multiply the width by the length to determine the square footage of a shed. For example, a 10×10-foot shed has a 100-square-foot footprint. A 10×12-foot shed has a 120-square-foot footprint.

building permit

Many urban areas allow you to build sheds measuring up to 100 square feet without a building permit. Rural areas are less likely to require a permit for a standard outdoor shed. However, the requirements vary between municipalities.

Before building your shed, check your local building codes for sheds and small storage buildings. Along with the size requirements, you may need to follow regulations related to the placement of the shed on your lot.

For example, you may need to place it at least three feet from the property line and position it behind the main dwelling. Some areas also have regulations for adding electricity or water.


In the end, a 10×10-foot shed should fit the typical two-seat golf cart with just enough room to walk around the sides and exit through the front of the shed. The door should measure at least 4×7 feet, while the ceiling should measure 8 feet or taller.

You will likely want a larger shed if you have a larger golf cart or want to store more stuff. Remember to review your local regulations to avoid tearing down your shed after you build it.

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