How Much Weight Can A Golf Cart Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Golf Cart Hold?

While golf carts were once reserved for traveling around the links, many people now use these vehicles to gain access to remote parts of their properties, work, and even for play.

If you are considering purchasing a golf cart, you may be wondering about its weight capacity.

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Golf Carts Are Versatile Vehicles

Golf cart ownership offers many rewards. Before we provide information on golf cart weight limits, you need to understand the benefits involved in ownership.

Golf Carts Offer Sustainable Travel for Short Distances

Owning a golf cart allows you to travel short distances without carbon emissions. Owning a golf cart can lessen your carbon footprint.

Golf Carts Offer Simple Neighborhood Travel

Golf carts also offer a practical solution for many workplaces. These vehicles are used on college campuses, retirement communities, management facilities, parks, and much more.

Golf Carts Offer Easier Golf Play

While many people love golf, not everyone has the level of strength and endurance required for transversing the links. Golf carts make it easier to travel around the golf course.

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Golf Carts Offer Outdoor Accessibility

Golf carts also offer affordability. You can expect to pay between $9,000 to $18,000 for one of these vehicles, depending on the brand, size, and features.

How Much Weight Does a Golf Cart Hold?

When purchasing a golf cart, you will discover it has weight limits for both passengers and cargo.

The average weight capacity per passenger is 200 pounds. Most golf carts will hold 150 to 200 pounds of cargo weight. The full average weight capacity of golf carts is between 500 to 1200 pounds, depending on the number of seats and if the vehicle has a bed.

Golf Cart Weight Limits are Based on the Passenger Capacity

Most golf cart manufacturers place a weight limit on each seat in the golf cart.

To ensure safety at all times, only carry the number of passengers the cart holds. Do not carry passengers that do not have a seat.

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You can expect the average weight limits based on the following passenger capacities.

  • Two-passenger vehicles hold 400 to 550 pounds.
  • Four-passenger vehicles hold up to 800 pounds.
  • Six-passenger vehicles hold up to 1500 pounds.
  • Two-passenger utility vehicles hold 800 to 1200 pounds.
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How Much Towing Capacity Do Golf Carts Offer?

Depending on its size, the average golf cart will hold about 1,000 pounds in towing capacity. The main determining factor for how much cargo weight a golf cart can hold is the horsepower of the vehicle.

Electric golf carts have less towing capacity because they offer between 3 to 5hp. Gas golf carts have a higher towing capacity because they have 10 to 12hp. Most golf carts can tow the following.

  • Small boat
  • Another golf cart
  • Jetski
  • Small trailer

Before you tow any cargo or carry passengers, it is essential you read the owner’s manual. Knowing the exact weight capacity will help you avoid problems.

The average weight capacity of golf carts is between 500 to 1200 pounds.

What Happens If You Go Over the Weight Limit for a Golf Cart?

If you go over the weight limit for a golf cart, you will find it may not offer enough horsepower to move.

Too much weight, even when not exorbitant, can lead to faster wear and tear, resulting in breakdowns.

You could even void your warranty if damage occurs because of excess weight.

Some golf cart experts say you can increase the weight capacity of a golf cart by having heavy-duty installed. Not only do these springs add extra towing capacity, but they also give smoothness to the ride.

What Is the Dry Weight of a Golf Cart?

The dry weight of a golf cart is its weight without the battery, motor fluids, extra seats, and accessories. This weight is considered the bare-bones weight of a golf cart.

What Is the Curb Weight of a Golf Cart?

The curb weight of a golf cart refers to the full weight of the cart, including the battery, which can add between 100 to 400 pounds of weight.

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Pay Attention to the Weight Limits of Golf Carts

Golf carts have weight limits that must be followed to ensure your safety. Going beyond the weight limits is unwise and could result in mechanical failures and even dangerous accidents.

The information above is intended to help you understand the general weight limits of golf carts. Your cart’s weight limits could vary considerably so make sure to refer to your owner’s manual or the manufacturer for accurate weight limit information.

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