Will A Recliner Fit In An SUV?

Will A Recliner Fit In An SUV? (With Examples)

A recliner is a comfortable way to curl up with a book or enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show.

However, because they’re so comfortable and pillowy, and because they recline so you can lie back and put your feet up, recliners are often quite large. This can make transporting them difficult.

If you have an SUV, knowing the vehicle’s dimensions and the size of the recliner can help you decide how best to get the chair home.

suv with open rear hatch

Recliner and SUV Measurements

So will a recliner fit in an SUV? Yes, most recliners will fit in standard-sized SUVs, but it’s always important to double-check by measuring both the recliner and the inside space of the vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to measure the door opening of the SUV, as this is often slightly smaller, and it can make getting a recliner into the vehicle much harder or even impossible.

Before measuring, you can also get a good idea of whether a recliner will fit by looking at some average SUV and recliner sizes.

Average recliners are usually between 32 and 38 inches wide, 33.5 and 34 inches deep, and 38 and 42 inches tall. Most large recliners measure around 40.5 inches wide, 39 inches deep, and 39 inches high.

recliner with dimensions

Although standard SUVs generally have a width ranging from about 65 to 78 inches and a height ranging from around 68 to 77 inches, you need to be concerned with the inside dimensions and door opening dimensions. Also, pay attention to the rear headroom measurement. This will determine if a certain recliner will fit inside.

For example, my 2017 Nissan Rogue SUV has a rear hatch with dimensions of 43 inches wide and 32 inches tall. Once through the door, the headroom is 39.2 inches. So fitting a recliner through the rear hatch will be a tight squeeze but it will fit. Depending on the SUV being used, you may have to lay the recliner on its side.

Nissan Rogue rear hatch
measuring tape showing 43 inches wide nissan rogue
Nissan Rogue rear hatch width 43 inches

Nissan Rogue rear hatch height 32 inches
Nissan Rogue rear hatch height 32 inches

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When the rear seats are folded down, most SUVs offer between 40 and 45 cubic feet of cargo space in the back. Since even a large recliner is only about 31 cubic feet, there is generally plenty of room to fit the chair.

You can also look at the type of recliner to get a better feel for its size. Push-back recliners, which don’t have a lever, are the simplest and smallest recliners. They’re usually about 38 inches wide, 35.5 inches deep, and 38.5 inches tall.

Two-position recliners, which have a lever and extending footrests, are a little larger and generally have a width of about 40.5 inches, a depth of about 38 inches, and a height of about 35 inches.

Lift recliners, which have a motor that moves the chair up so people can more easily stand, are almost the same size as two-position recliners. They’re usually about 40 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 34 inches tall.

Cuddler recliners are designed for two people, so they’re one of the largest options. These recliners are usually about 42 inches wide, 53 inches deep, and 42 inches tall.

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List of SUVs that can fit a recliner

The following list of SUVs have enough space to transport a recliner. Always check the dimensions of the recliner and the SUV to confirm.

  • Nissan Rogue
  • Honda CRV
  • Honda Pilot
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Expedition
  • Kia Sorento
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

The following chart refers to new 2022 SUVs.

SUVRear HeadroomCargo Volume (Seats Folded)Cargo Volume (Behind Rear Seat)
Nissan Rogue39.2″72.9 cu ft36.3 cu ft
Honda CRV39.2″76.5 cu ft39.3 cu ft
Honda Pilot38.9″109.2 cu ft18.5 cu ft
Chevrolet Suburban38.9″144.7 cu ft41.5 cu ft
Chevrolet Tahoe38.9″122.9 cu ft25.5 cu ft
Ford Escape39.3″60.8 cu ft34.4 cu ft
Ford Expedition40.0″104.6 cu ft20.9 cu ft
Kia Sorento39.1″75.5 cu ft12.6 cu ft
Hyundai Santa Fe39.0″72.1 cu ft36.4 cu ft
Jeep Grand Cherokee39.2″84.6 cu ft37.7 cu ft

Disassembling the Recliner

If you know the recliner will fit in your SUV but can’t get it through the doors or the fit is too tight, you can sometimes take the back off.

This should only be done on push-back, two-position, and cuddler recliners. Taking the back off of a lift recliner can damage the machinery inside.

Top Loading

If the recliner is simply too large for the SUV, you can sometimes tie it to the top of your vehicle. However, top loading a recliner should only be done if there is no other choice.

It’s also best to only drive a short distance, and avoid highways or any roads where you’ll pick up speed.

If you do top load the recliner, put plenty of padding down so that the roof doesn’t damage the recliner or vice versa. Always set the recliner on its back so it’s as stable as possible.

Tie the recliner to the top of the vehicle using proper strapping or strong rope and square knots that won’t come undone.

Renting a Vehicle

If you’re moving, picking up a recliner from a friend, or you’ve purchased a recliner through a private sale and the chair won’t fit in your SUV, you can often rent a vehicle.

Car rental centers often rent trucks or vans for just the day, and you can sometimes pay to rent them for only a few hours. These places might also charge you by the mile, so if you’re not going too far, renting a vehicle can be an inexpensive way to get your new chair home safely.

Many hardware stores also rent trucks, and you generally don’t need to have purchased anything from the store to rent the vehicle.

renting an suv


If you’re purchasing a recliner from a store, they might offer delivery. A delivery charge is usually included, and this can be more expensive than renting a vehicle and bringing the chair home yourself. However, delivery from the store does have some benefits.

If you put a recliner in your own vehicle, you’ll most likely need to load it up yourself, and you’ll have to unload it when you get home.

If any part of the recliner is dirtied or damaged as you load or unload it, the store will consider that your fault, and they won’t fix or replace any broken parts.

If you have a recliner delivered, the delivery people will unload it, and they’ll often bring it inside and place it for you, too.

If anything happens to the chair en route or while it’s being moved, the store will be liable, and they’ll need to fix or replace parts.

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