Will A Surfboard Fit Into A Car?

Will A Surfboard Fit Into A Car?

Surfing on the open water brings fun in the sun. Although surfing is exciting, there is one drawback-transporting the surfboard and gear.

Transporting a surfboard by car is challenging but not impossible. Before you can transport your surfboard via car, you need to prepare ahead and get some measurements.

Will A Surfboard Fit Into A Car?

How to Measure a Surfboard

When measuring a surfboard, there are four main dimensions you need to consider.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Rocker
  • Thickness

The Surfboard Length

The length of the surfboard is measured from nose tip to tail tip. Although surfboard lengths can range from 5 to 12 feet, an average surfboard is around 7-8 feet in length. Use a measuring tape to record the length of your surfboard.

vertical surfboard on beach

The Surfboard Width

To measure your surfboard’s width, you need to find the widest point on the board and measure from rail to rail. As an added hint: When you first start surfing, purchase a wider board for greater stability in the water.

The Surfboard Rocker

The rocker is the curve of the surfboard that runs from nose to tail. Boards with less rocker are flatter and give more stability and maneuverability.

The Surfboard Thickness

To measure the thickness of your board, find the thickest part, and measure from the deck to the bottom. Thicker boards are easier to paddle and more maneuverable in the water.

Length and width are going to be the most important measurements when determining if your surfboard will fit inside a car.

How Much Do Average Surfboards Weigh?

Surfboards come in short and long lengths. Short boards typically weigh 6 to 7 pounds, while longboards will weigh up to 16 pounds. The weight of a surfboard is determined by its dimensions and materials.

The weight should not impact your ability to haul a surfboard in your car, but it is an essential consideration for your own comfort.

Can a Surfboard Fit Into a Car?

The simple answer to this question is yes, with exceptions. Surfboards will fit inside a car, especially if it is a shorter board, you have large cargo space, and you can fold down the back seats.

If you are only transporting one surfboard via a car, you can usually lay it flat, provided your seats go down in the back. Certain surfboards may need to rest between the front seats or even lay on the front dash in order to fit in the vehicle. Most averaged sized cars are around 15 feet long making the interior space suitable for a surfboard. Unless you own a small car and a long surfboard. If you own a hatchback, they are the best vehicles for holding surfboards outside of larger SUVs and trucks.

man loading a surfboard into a car

How to Measure Your Car’s Cargo Space

You know the dimensions of your surfboard, so it is time to consider your car’s cargo space. The following tips will help you get an accurate measurement so you can determine if your surfboard will fit.

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How to Measure the Trunk Length

Your trunk length will run from the back of your rear seats to the inside trunk edge. You can take this measurement with a rolling tape measure. If your rear seats fold down, measure the trunk room from the back of the front seats to the trunk edge.

How to Measure the Height of Your Car’s Trunk

You will need to measure the height of your car’s trunk from the top of the inner roof lining to the bottom of your trunk floor. This measurement is typically taken at the tallest point of the trunk. For ease of measurement, make sure to use a metal measuring tape so it will stand taut while you are measuring.

How to Measure the Width of Your Trunk

You will measure your trunk width at the widest point from one trunk wall to the other, using a rolling measuring tape.

Trunks Are Measured in Cubic Feet

Most car manufacturers offer cargo room in cubic feet. Cubic feet is determined with the following calculation.

Length X Width X Height = Cargo Space Cubic Feet

Car Trunk Measurement Examples

Below, you will find the cargo space measurements of some of the most popular cars in the United States. Before you go by these cubic foot measurements, you will need to consider measuring the trunk as stated above. Your measurements will give you a better understanding of whether a surfboard will fit in the back of your car.

  • The 2021 Honda Civic has 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • The 2021 Nissan Altima has 15.4 cubic feet.
  • The 2021 Genesis G90 has 15.7 cubic feet.
  • The 2021 Volkswagen Passat has 15.9 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • The 2021 Dodge Challenger has 16.2 cubic feet.
  • The 2021 Dodge Charger has 16.5 cubic feet.
  • The 2021 Lexus LS has 17 cubic feet.
  • The 2021 Kia Stinger has 23.3 cubic feet.

You are more likely to fit a surfboard in a hatchback car than a traditional trunk. Measure carefully to ensure your surfboard will fit without damaging it or your car before trying to transport it to the beach. If your board will not fit inside the cargo area, you can install racks and put it on top.

loading surfboards into a car

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