Cities Within 100 Miles Of Nashville, TN

11 Cities Within 100 Miles Of Nashville, TN (With Directions)

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The city of Nashville, TN, is nestled in some beautiful country. Whether you’re there for live music, terrific sightseeing, or a visit to any of the remarkable historical sites around the city, you will find many things to do.

Both in Nashville and within 100 miles of this remarkable town, there’s plenty to do.

Here are 11 cities within 100 miles of Nashville, TN.

1) Athens, AL – 100 Miles
2) Bold Spring, TN – 66 Miles
3) Bowling Green, KY – 67 Miles
4) Charlotte, TN – 42 Miles
5) Clarksville, TN – 50 Miles
6) Cookeville, TN – 80 Miles
7) Mount Pleasant, TN – 59 Miles
8) Murfreesboro, TN – 34 Miles
9) New Johnsonville, TN – 86 Miles
10) Penrod, KY – 75 Miles
11) Shelbyville, TN – 57 Mies

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1) Athens, AL (100 miles)

Straight south of Nashville on interstate 65 is the lovely city of Athens, Alabama. While not a big town, this city has a great deal of outdoor fun to offer out-of-town visitors.

If you can get there in the spring, head over to Isom’s Orchard to enjoy the apple blossom bloom.

Those who love history may also want to spend time in the Alabama Veterans Museum & Archives. Here, you can check out artifacts all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

2) Bold Spring, TN (66 miles)

If you take Interstate 40 east out of Nashville and head north on highway 230 you will reach Bold Spring, Tennessee.

Be aware that this is lovely country that is heavily wooded. Take your time and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Once in Bold Spring, you will find a lot of memorabilia about Loretta Lynn. Her ranch, as well as the Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, offers a great deal of information about both her early life and her stellar career.

3) Bowling Green, KY (67 miles)

Take Interstate 65 straight north out of Nashville to Bowling Green Kentucky. While the drive is simple, your visit to Bowling Green will be quite fascinating! Those who love trains need to visit this city. There’s also an aviation museum and a few caves to study.

The Barren River loops through Bowling Green and there are many parks where you can enjoy time along the water. There are even a few fishing spots!

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4) Charlotte, TN (42 miles)

The drive from Nashville to Charlotte, Tennessee is simple by the numbers but offers drivers and passengers a beautiful view of the region. Take Interstate 40 west to state highway 47 north to reach Charlotte.

Just a bit north of Charlotte on highway 47, fans of history can book a guided tour of the Promised Land community.

This city, settled by freed slaves, has seen a decline in numbers but offers a great deal of information to those who are interested in historically African American communities that grew up during reconstruction.

5) Clarksville, TN (50 miles)

Take Interstate 24 west to US 41A to enjoy a visit to the charming town of Clarksville, Tennessee. The Fort Defiance Civil War Park is a must-see for history fans, and there’s a marina for those who love to get on the water.

Clarksville is home to a number of cave formations. If you’re not well-versed in wild cave exploration, take a trip to the Dunbar Cave State Park.

This well-lit and carefully guided park features cave art created by prehistoric native Americans. Even the most claustrophobic among us will enjoy a guided, timed tour of these images.

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6) Cookeville, TN (80 miles)

Follow Interstate 40 east out of Nashville for 80 miles to get to Cookeville, Tennessee. This drive will take you through lush forests and some mountainous terrain.

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You’ll also be traveling north of Center Hill Lake, so be on the lookout for other travelers and folks hauling trailers and boats.

Once in Cookeville, plan to do a little shopping. This area offers terrific kitschy shopping and many flea markets. There’s also a train depot and the Cookeville History Museum. Have fun!

7) Mount Pleasant, TN (59 miles)

Your trip to Mount Pleasant, Tennessee via interstate 65 south to highway 43 south will give you the chance to completely shake off any city blue you may be suffering.

This region is very open; sight-seeing opportunities are widely spread out and you may actually find fun and interesting things in other little towns near you.

For example, you may stay in Mount Pleasant proper and visit the Rattle and Snap Plantation. You may head over to nearby Summertown to visit an intentional community known as The Farm, where you can see earth-friendly practices put to work in unique ways.

One thing you really can’t do in this part of the world is rush. Take your time.

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8) Murfreesboro, TN (34 miles)

If you take Interstate 24 south and east out of Nashville, you’ll soon be in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. History buffs will love Murfreesboro.

From the Stones River National Battlefield Memorial to the Bradley Academy Museum, you can enjoy the information on the local battles fought in the Civil War, including actions in and around Nashville.

Those with children will love a stop at the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring. This city also offers several parks with excellent walkways and gentle hikes to enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

9) New Johnsonville, TN (86 miles)

If you take Interstate 40 west to highway 230 west out of Nashville, you will find yourself in New Johnsonville, Tennessee. This city lies along the shores of the Tennessee River.

Like any city along the river, New Johnsonville sometimes struggles with flooding; check before you make the drive what challenges you may face on that score.

However, if the river is behaving then this is a trip you should not miss. The city of New Johnsonville and the nearby cities offer a great deal of history and many options for enjoying the great outdoors.

You may even visit a freshwater pearl harvest and museum!

10) Penrod, KY (75 miles)

To get to Penrod, Kentucky from Nashville you’ll need to take US 431 north to Interstate 24 west. Be aware that Penrod is a small, unincorporated town.

However, what it lacks in nightlife it makes up for in privacy, quiet, and outdoor fun.

Take your time and enjoy the drive. You’ll travel from lush forest across barren plain and back into lush forest. Bring your hiking shoes and a good book. Rent a cabin and kick back.

11) Shelbyville, TN (57 miles)

Interstate 24 east will get you on your way to Shelbyville; merge onto US 231 via exit 81A to complete your journey.

Unlike a lot of the topography to the west of Nashville, the stretch between Nashville and Shelbyville is fairly straight and flat.

If you need to make up time on your road trip, this is the stretch to put the pedal down.

Take a stroll through the historic downtown and stop for lunch. Visit the local quilt shops and the many galleries that feature local artists. Shelbyville is a gem!

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