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11 Examples Of Things That Are 70 Feet Long

Need to measure a length of 70 feet but don’t have a tape measure?

This article will show you a list of things that are 70 feet long which you can reference.

It can be difficult to think one thing that is exactly 70 feet long, but when you combine multiple common items together, visualizing 70 feet in length becomes much easier.

For example, can you name something that is exactly 70 feet long without research?

Me neither.

But referencing the length of other common known items can make visualizing 70 feet quite simple.

So I’ve done the research.

Here is a list of items that equal 70 feet long.

  • 9 Two x four’s (2 x 4)
  • 3.5 Half ton trucks
  • 14 Hockey sticks
  • 7 Alligators
  • 79 Size 9 men’s shoes
  • 68 – Two liter soda bottles
  • 14 Queen size mattresses
  • 19 – 55 inch TV’s
  • 56 bowling pins
  • 4 parking spaces

70 Feet converted to other units of measurements

  • 70 feet = 21.366 meters
  • 70 feet = 23.33 yards
  • 70 feet = 840 inches
  • 70 Feet = 2133.6 centimeters

Things That Are 70 Feet Long

1. 9 Two x four’s (2 x 4)

Although lumber is available in multiple sizes, its common to see a 2 x 4 that is 8 feet long. They can easily be cut into various lengths.

If you have 2 x 4 boards handy, lay 9 of them on the ground in a row and combined, they should equal 72 feet in length.

It’s not exactly 70 feet but it’s a good reference for something that is 70 feet long.

If you can cut 2 feet off from one of the boards, they would then measure exactly 70 feet long.

Three Wooden 2x4s in a Construction Dumpster
Three Wooden 2x4s in a Construction Dumpster

2. 3.5 Half ton trucks

Like many things, size can vary. This is true for pickup trucks.

Depending on the make and model of the truck, it’s overall length can vary.

For example, a Ford F150 Super cab is 19.31 feet in length. A Chevrolet Silverado is 20.1 feet in length.

If you were to measure the dimensions of many different pick up trucks, you will see that the average length is just under 20 feet long.

Therefore, if you can picture 3 and a half pickup trucks placed bumper to bumper, they would equal 70 feet long.

three and a half pickup trucks graphics

3. 14 Hockey sticks

Hockey sticks are made in many different sizes to suit the size of the person using them.

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A child or youth hockey player will use a stick that is smaller than an adult player.

Depending on your height, you will have a selection of sticks to choose from.

If you are an adult, most hockey sticks will be around 5 feet long.

Therefore, if you had 14 hockey sticks placed together, they would equal 70 feet long.

hockey stick measuring 5 feet long

5. 7 Alligators

Many types of alligators are found around the world and they can vary in size.

If you are familiar with the common alligators found in Florida, USA, they generally reach 10 feet in length when full grown.

Some can grow up to 12 feet or more but it’s not as common.

7 full grown alligators that are 10 feet in length can be used as a reference for something that is 70 feet long.

6. 79 Size 9 men’s shoes

A very common shoe size for men in the USA is a size 9.

If you are a man who wears a size 9 shoe, measuring length is quite simple.

On average, a size 9 shoe is 27 centimeters or 0.89 feet long. Which is just under 1 foot.

Therefore, if you can measure your size 9 shoe 79 times, it would equal 70.31 feet long.

size 9 mens shoe

7. 68 – Two liter soda bottles

2 liter soda bottles can be purchased in most convenience stores and supermarkets. These bottles are 12.4 inches tall and are a great tool to use for measurement reference.

As one bottle is just over 1 foot in length (1.033′), 70 of them equals 868 inches or 72.3 feet.

So to be more precise, if you had 68 of these 2 liter soda bottles and lined them up in a row, they would equal 843.2 inches or just over 70 feet in length.

8. 14 Queen size mattresses

Queen size mattresses are very popular and most people are familiar with their size.

The dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

As the width of the mattress is 60 inches or 5 feet wide, you would need to place 14 queen sized mattresses side by side to equal 70 feet in length.

queen size mattress

Other common items that equal 70 feet long

  • 19 – 55 inch TV’s – The average 55 – inch TV is 44 inches wide. 19 of them in a row is 836 inches which is 69.6 feet.
  • 56 bowling pins – Bowling pins measure 15 inches tall. 56 Bowling pins equal 840 inches or 70 feet.
  • 4 parking spaces – The average parking space is between 16 – 18 feet in length. If you can imagine 4 parking spaces placed together, they would be close to 70 feet long.

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