List Of Things That Are 80 Feet Long

List Of Things That Are 80 Feet Long

Most people can visualize a length of a few feet or even 10 feet, but picturing longer distances can be a challenge.

A length of 80 feet is so long that it can be very difficult to imagine, but picturing some more familiar items can help.

megalodon sharks

1 Eastern White Pine

Most people are familiar with pine trees and how tall they can grow. Many pine tree varieties, including the Eastern white pine, can grow to around 80 feet tall.

Eighty feet is about the maximum growth height for this variety, though, and some trees will only reach 55 or 60 feet in height.

white pine tree

1 to 2 Megalodons

The sharks that roam the planet’s oceans today can be surprisingly large, but this size is nothing compared to sharks that lived during the time of the dinosaurs.

The megalodon was a giant shark that may have eaten other, smaller shark species.

Most megalodons reached an adult length of about 40 feet, but remains of some megalodons show that larger adults could sometimes grow to about 80 feet.

20 Park Benches

A standard park bench is almost exactly 4 feet long. Because most people are familiar with the size of a park bench, they’re an excellent visual aid for imagining long lengths.

You would need to line up 20 park benches to reach 80 feet.

wooden park bench

10 Surfboards

Surfboards can be found in a range of sizes, as different boards are designed for different tasks or to support various body sizes. Most longboards, however, are right around 8 feet long.

This length offers plenty of balance without inhibiting maneuverability.

You would, therefore, need 10 surfboards, lined up end to end, to equal 80 feet.

surfboards leaning against a wall

5 Cars

Cars vary in length depending on their make, model, and intended use.

For example, compact cars that are designed for more city driving tend to be shorter than the average car length, while more spacious cars or minivans are longer.

However, the average car length is about 14.7 feet. If you can visualize five cars parked end to end, you can picture a length that’s just shy of 80 feet.

8 to 10 Trampolines

Trampolines are available in a few sizes, so you can choose a size that suits your needs and the size of the space you have available.

Most people, however, opt for a medium trampoline. Medium-sized trampolines are available with a diameter of either 8 or 10 feet.

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This means you would need between eight and 10 trampolines lined up next to each other to add up to 80 feet.

trampoline on grass

An 8 Story Building

Exactly how tall a story is, depends on how the building is designed and whether there are any decorations that add height to the building.

However, most average stories are about 10 feet tall. This means that visualizing eight stories should allow you to picture a building that’s about 80 feet tall.

8 Elephants

Elephants are the largest land animals, and therefore, they’re quite tall. Most elephants grow to between 8 and 13 feet tall.

African bush elephants often average right around 10 feet tall, so eight elephants would equal 80 feet.

Asian elephants are a little shorter and usually only average about 9 feet in height.

4 Giraffes

Giraffes have incredibly long necks so they can eat vegetation from the highest branches of trees.

This height offers giraffes a survival advantage, as they can eat food other animals can’t reach. Their great height also makes it easier for giraffes to watch for predators.

Female giraffes are usually between 14 and 17 feet tall, but male giraffes can reach heights of as much as 19 feet. This means you only need to visualize four giraffes to picture 80 feet.

You can also picture one large giraffe to get a feel for 1/4 of 80 feet.

trio of giraffes

8 Basketball Hoops

Most people are familiar with a basketball hoop and how tall it is, even if they don’t often play basketball.

This is very handy, as the rim of a regulation basketball hoop must be exactly 10 feet off the ground.

If you can visualize eight basketball hoops stacked one on top of another, you can picture 80 feet.

Remember that the backboard will often be taller than the net itself.

4 Moving Trucks

Moving trucks are available in a few different sizes, so you can choose a truck that’s only as large as you need.

Many moving trucks, though, are right around 20 feet long, so you only need to picture four trucks parked together to imagine 80 feet.

A 20-foot moving truck is usually large enough to move items from a two-or three-bedroom house, depending on how many items you have.

moving truck in driveway of 2 story home

4 Orcas

Orcas, or killer whales, feature a beautiful black-and-white pattern and are some of the most recognizable creatures in the ocean.

Male orcas usually measure between 20 and 26 feet long, while females are usually 16 to 23 feet long.

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