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What Are The Average Dimensions Of A Pick-Up Truck? (With Examples)

Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 12:52 pm

If you are in the market for a new pick-up truck, it’s important to know its actual dimensions. 

Knowing your truck’s measurements is helpful if you plan to keep it in a garage or outdoor parking space. Also, if you are using a parallel parking space, you need to know if the truck will fit.

Certain parkades and underground parking places are not suitable for larger pick-up trucks so this will need to be considered. 

With so many types of pickup trucks available to choose from, the overall dimensions from make and model can vary.

Truck size is also a consideration with respect to safety, insurance rates, fuel efficiency, and more. 

The following are examples of average pick-up truck dimensions including different styles and manufacturers.

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What are the average dimensions of a pick-up truck?

On average, a pick-up truck will have dimensions of 19.8 feet long (235 inches), 6.7 feet wide (80 inches), and 6.3 feet tall (75 inches).

The actual size of a pick-up truck will vary between makes and models. Trucks have certainly evolved over time and their overall look and size of them can change from year to year.

Pickup trucks can be more difficult to park in certain places when compared to a car, so knowing their specific dimensions will make parking much easier.

Pickups are generally larger than cars so your choice of parking spaces can be limited depending on your location. 

Smaller parking spaces designed for compact vehicles will not be suitable for a pick-up truck. 

Examples of pick-up truck dimensions

The most common type of pick-up truck is known as the half-ton which refers to the truck’s payload capacity. A half-ton truck has the capacity of carrying 1000 pounds which is half of a ton. 

The following examples are based on half-ton pick-up trucks.

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Ford F150 XLT

The Ford F150 has one thing that no other truck in its class has. The record for the best-selling half-ton pick-up truck in the world. 

The F150 is chosen as the most popular truck for so many reasons. Long-lasting reliability is one of them.  

The 2021 Ford F150 XLT Super cab 4×4 has the following dimensions:

Length: 231.7 inches (19.31 feet)

Width: 79.9 inches (6.65 feet)

Height: 77.2 inches (6.43 feet)

grey ford f150
image credit: jetcityimage2 /Depositphotos.com

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you are a fan of Chevrolet vehicles, you might want to consider the Silverado 1500 pick-up truck. 

The latest models have included several improvements and upgrades when compared to previous years. Not many trucks in its class can say they have 8 different trim models. 

The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew cab 4×4 has the following dimensions:

Length: 241.2 inches (20.1 feet)

Width: 81.2 inches (6.76 feet)

Height: 78.2 inches (6.51 feet)

grey chev silverado
image credit:jetcityimage2/depositphotos.com

Dodge Ram 1500

In my opinion, the Dodge Ram 1500 is the best-looking truck on the road today. Many others feel the same way.

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The Dodge Ram is known for its Hemi 5.7 L engine which produces 395 HP. 

The Ram 1500 is a true workhorse and according to caranddriver.com, ranks #1 out of all pick-up trucks in its class.

The 2022 Dodge Ram 1500Crew cab 4×4 has the following dimensions:

Length: 241.8 inches (20.15 feet)

Width: 82.1 inches (6.84 feet)

Height: 77.5 inches (6.45 feet)

black dodge ram

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is the smallest pick-up truck mentioned on our list. Its dimensions are slightly less than the others so if the size is a concern, you may want to look at the Tundra.

Although there are plenty of great features with the Tundra, there are some other features that don’t stand up to the other trucks.

People have mentioned the ride is not as smooth as other trucks, and its overall look is less to be desired. Others don’t like the outdated-looking interior and choice of hardware used by Toyota.

The 2021 Toyota Tundra Double cab 4×4 has the following dimensions:

Length: 229 inches (19.08 feet)

Width: 80 inches (6.66 feet)

Height: 76 inches (6.33 feet)

red toyota tundra
image credit: Vladimir-Hapaev/depositphotos.com

What is the average-sized car parking space?

Now that you know the dimensions of a pick-up truck, let’s look at the dimensions of an average-sized parking space.

Depending on your location, a parking space will average 16-18 feet long and 8-9 feet wide. Not all parking spaces are the same size and different parking lots can have a variety of parking space sizes. 

A pick-up truck will fit width-wise into one of these parking spaces but most trucks will be too long and could stick out a few feet outside of the designated space.

Most people will park their truck in a regular-sized space even though it is too long and will stick out slightly. 

Shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, underground parking can all have a variety of parking space sizes. It’s important to check the size of the space ahead of time to ensure your truck will fit. 

Also, keep in mind that the size of a parking space can vary based on your location. Certain countries will have specific rules with respect to how big a parking space can be. The same goes for certain cities and states. Parking spaces are not uniform around the world. 

parking space dimensions

Will a pick-up truck fit in a garage?

If you have a garage at home, you may want to park your pick-up truck inside. 

So the size of your garage is important to check ahead of time if you are looking to purchase a new truck. 

Most single car garages have dimensions of 20-22 feet long, 8-9 feet wide, and 7-8 feet height. 

So as you can see, it can be difficult to fit a half-ton truck inside a normal-sized garage. 

For example, the Dodge Ram 1500 is 20.15 feet long. If your garage is only 20 feet long, it won’t fit. Even if you have a 22-foot long garage, it will be a very tight squeeze to fit a truck inside. 

Larger double car garages have more space and will be a better fit for a pick-up truck. 

Keep in mind that many garage doors are only 7 feet tall so if your truck has antennas or other accessories, it may not fit. 

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