Examples Of Things That Weigh 25 Grams

11 Examples Of Things That Weigh 25 Grams

In this article, you will see a list of items that weigh 25 grams.

A gram is a metric unit of mass that is equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. One gram is also equal to 0.0022 pounds which is a small amount of weight.

It can be difficult to determine the weight of a gram as it is so light. The same can be said for 25 grams. One gram is equal to the weight of a small paperclip therefore 25 paperclips will equal 25 grams.

Grams are often used in recipes for baking as a small amount of an ingredient is usually needed.

To give you an idea of how heavy 25 grams really is, refer to the following list.

1/2 of a Mars bar

Who doesn’t love Mars bars? The popular Mars bar was first produced in 1932 in England and is made of milk chocolate, caramel, and nougat.

Mars bars are very similar to the Milky Way bars in the United States. If you were to eat one full Mars bar, you would be eating 51 grams while consuming 228 calories.

Not all Mars bars are the same size. Some are smaller and some are larger. But the most popular size sold in stores weighs 51 grams.

Therefore if you cut a Mars bar in half, it would equal close to 25 grams total.

partly eaten Mars bar

25 plastic bottle caps

Plastic bottle caps are used on various bottle sizes around the world. It’s common to see them on soda and water bottles. Not all plastic bottle caps are the same size and they can vary slightly in weight.

The average plastic bottle cap that you would see on a 500 ml bottle of water weighs around 1 gram each.

If you had 25 plastic bottle caps together, they would weigh 25 grams in total.

1/8 cup of sugar

Sugar is commonly used in baking and drinks like coffee and tea. If you have a recipe that calls for 1 cup of regular white sugar, it will weigh about 200 grams.

To use sugar when determining the weight of 25 grams, just measure out 1/8 of a cup and it will equal 25 grams.

Not all sugar weighs the same. Brown and raw sugar will weigh slightly more as the grains are denser.

4 House keys

Most people will have either a house or apartment key handy so they are a great tool to use for small weight measurements.

A standard house key that most people use will weigh around 6-7 grams. Therefore if you had 4 of the same keys, they would equal 25 grams in total weight.

Not all keys are the same size or made of the same materials so you have to take that into consideration.

house key on key chain

3 cherry tomatoes

There are many different types and sizes of tomatoes that you can buy at the supermarket. Many people will use cherry tomatoes in salads, pasta sauce, and pizza.

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Cherry tomatoes were given the name as they are quite small and resemble the look of a cherry. The average weight of a cherry tomato is around 8 grams. If you have 3 cherry tomatoes, they will weigh around 25 grams.

cherry tomatoes

4 pencils

A wooden pencil used in schools and offices is quite common and most people have them around the house. If you take a brand new pencil out of the box, it will weigh close to 6 grams.

Once the pencil is used, it will weigh less as it will be sharpened and the eraser may have been used.

Take 4 pencils out of the box and they will weigh close to 25 grams.

1 teaspoon

Most people will have a conventional metal teaspoon at home. A teaspoon is a great item to use for many things but if you need to know the weight of something that weighs 25 grams, just grab a teaspoon.

1 metal teaspoon weighs 25 grams. A tablespoon will weigh more and plastic spoons will weigh less.

hand holding a teaspoon

5 marbles

As a kid, I had a lot of marbles. They are considered to be a toy and are available in a variety of sizes and weights. Marbles are not all the same. They are made out of glass, clay, plastic, steel, or agate.

The common glass marble measures 13 mm in diameter and weighs around 5 grams. To get a sense of how much weight 25 grams is, put 5 marbles together and they will equal 25 grams.

5 Seedless grapes

Many people who buy grapes at the supermarket or grocery store prefer seedless grapes. Although you can buy grapes with seeds as well.

Seedless grapes are a popular healthy fruit that contains antioxidants and vitamins. Not all grapes are the same size and grapes with seeds will weigh slightly more than seedless grapes.

But on average, a seedless grape will weigh 5 grams. If you have 5 seedless grapes together, they will weigh 25 grams.

25 dollar bills

A dollar bill is perhaps the most convenient item to use when weighing something small. Every dollar bill in the USA weighs the same. 1 gram.

Regardless of the denomination, they all weigh the same. A one-dollar bill weighs the same as a one-hundred-dollar bill.

The dollar bills can weigh more or less over time depending on wear and tear, and how clean they are. But a brand new dollar bill will weigh one gram meaning 25 dollar bills weigh exactly 25 grams.

1 USA dollar bill

1 AA battery

AA batteries are perhaps the most common household battery. They are used to power remote controls, flashlights, clocks, and other items.

A single AA battery has a diameter of 14 millimeters and weighs 22.5 grams. Although it’s not exactly 25 grams, AA batteries are so common that they can be used to get an idea of something that weighs close to 25 grams.

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