9 Things That Are About 30 Feet Long

9 Things That Are About 30 Feet Long

Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 01:08 pm

Thirty feet is a distance that is long enough to be difficult to picture. However, visualizing some familiar objects can help you more accurately estimate that length or height.

9 Things That Are About 30 Feet Long

Two Giraffes

Giraffes can grow to a variety of heights, and exactly how tall they are depends on what their diet was like, what environment they were raised in, and what subspecies they are.

Most giraffes, however, tend to grow to between 14 and 19 feet tall. Females are a little smaller, growing to between 14 and 17 feet. This means that two giraffes should equal right around 30 feet.

Despite their extremely long necks, giraffes have the same number of vertebrae as humans.

The bones are just spaced out. Giraffes need to be tall to reach the highest treetops.

This allows giraffes to feed from areas that other animals can’t reach.

giraffe in the field

Three Basketball Hoops

At home, you can sometimes raise or lower a basketball hoop to suit your height. In the NBA or during an Olympic game, however, all basketball hoops must be exactly 10 feet from the ground.

If you’ve ever stood below a basketball hoop to throw the ball, you can visualize 10 feet.

Multiplying that by three will get you to exactly 30 feet, making it easy to estimate that distance.

basketball hoop

Two Cars

The exact length of a car depends on what model and brand it is and what use it is designed for. In general, though, sedans are usually between 14 and 15 feet long.

This means that, if you can picture two cars parked end to end, you are able to picture 30 feet almost exactly.

Larger vehicles, such as vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks, are closer to 17 or 18 feet in length.

School buses are also right around 30 feet in length. The average bus is about 35 feet long, just a little bit over 30 feet.

School buses can vary quite a bit in length, however, depending on what area they’re being used in and how many children they need to seat.

two yellow cars in a row

Half a Bowling Lane

If you’ve ever bowled, you know that the lane can seem very long when you’re standing at the end, looking at the pins set up at the opposite end.

This is because a standard bowling lane is exactly 60 feet in length.

If you were to picture the halfway mark of the lane, you would have a length of exactly 30 feet.

bowling lanes

A Football End Zone

Most people know that a football field is 100 yards or 300 feet long in total.

At the end of the field, however, are two end zones, and each end zone is exactly 10 yards or 30 feet in depth.

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Furthermore, the field itself is divided up into sections called yard lines that are each 10 yards or 30 feet in depth.

Picturing an entire football field can sometimes help you divide a large distance or area into 30-foot increments.

football field overhead view

A Telephone Pole

Telephone poles are used to run electric and communication cables, such as, as the name suggests, telephone cables, from building to building.

The height of each pole can vary depending on the regulations in the area and the terrain where the pole is placed.

Telephone poles can be anywhere from 20 to 100 feet tall, but most telephone poles are right around 35 feet tall.

This is slightly over 30 feet, but if you can picture a telephone pole, it can help you easily estimate a distance of 30 feet.

telephone pole

An Oarfish

Oarfish are strange, beautiful fish that generally live deep in the ocean. They have long silver bodies with bright orange or red fins running along their backs.

The fish are not commonly seen, since they live at such great depths.

However, an oarfish will occasionally come up into shallow waters where they can be observed.

Oarfish that are spotted in shallow waters are generally around 10 feet in length, but the longest oarfish recorded was 36 feet long.

Usually, they grow to a length of between 26 and 30 feet.

It’s thought that oarfish could potentially grow to lengths of up to 56 feet, though, but this is still unconfirmed.

large oarfish
Credit: Tim Evanson using CC BY-SA 2.0 licence – no changes made

A Beach Volleyball Net

The rules for a casual game of beach volleyball can be quite flexible, but professional players play on a court that has exact dimensions, which helps to ensure fair games.

The net must also be precisely placed to keep everything fair. A beach volleyball net must be 39 inches or 3 feet 3 inches tall, and it should span 32 feet.

The net spans the entire width of the volleyball court. The poles are placed a bit farther away, and the distance from one net pole to another is 36 feet.

For men’s games, the net should be just shy of 8 feet high, and for women’s games, the net should be about 7 feet 4 inches high.

beach volleyball net

Olympic Diving Platform Height

Diving is one of the most popular and exciting competitions during the Summer Olympics.

During the competition, solo or pairs divers jump from springboards and platforms of varying heights and perform acrobatics in the air before diving into the water with as little splash as possible.

The tallest platform is the 10-yard platform, which is exactly 30 feet up.

The height can seem daunting, but the long drop gives divers plenty of time to show off their amazing twists and turns.

woman diving from diving board

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