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9 Motorcycles That Weigh Under 400 Pounds

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023 at 09:00 pm

If you are looking to purchase a new motorcycle, you need to consider its weight as not all bikes weigh the same.

Choosing a motorcycle that is properly sized for you is crucial as it can be a safety hazard to ride a bike that is oversized or overweight. 

Most motorcycles weigh between 350-450 pounds but the overall weight is based on many variables including the type of bike itself.

Depending on the type of bike you are looking for, you can expect to see a variety of weights. 

For example, a cruiser motorcycle can weigh 2-3 times more than a dirt bike. 

Here is a list of motorcycles that all weigh under 400 pounds.   

9 Motorcycles That Weigh Under 400 Pounds decorative image

9 Motorcycles That Weigh Under 400 Pounds

Many of the standard-type motorbikes weigh around 400 pounds. These are multi-use motorcycles that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of these bikes weigh under 400 pounds including the Suzuki GW250 which weighs 375 pounds. 

Standard motorcycles

  • Suzuki GW250

The Suzuki GW250 is an entry-level standard motorbike that is comfortable to ride and reasonably priced at the lower end range of bikes in its class. This makes it affordable for new riders or for people who plan to upgrade down the road. The Suzuki GW250 weighs 375 pounds. 

  • Yamaha SR400 

The Yamaha SR400 is a beginners level motorcycle that has been in production since 1978. Unfortunately, these bikes will no longer be produced starting in March 2021 as the final editions will go on sale. The Yamaha SR400 is a classic that weighs 348 pounds.

standard type motorcycle

Sports bikes

Many motorcycles in the sports bike class will weigh under 400 pounds. 

  • Honda XR650L

The Honda XR650L is a 4 stroke dual sports bike that can be used for both on-road and off-road riding. It is known for its long-lasting reliability that is fun to ride. The Honda XR650L weighs 346 pounds.

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a sports bike that hasn’t been around for a long time but is a great sportbike for a beginner. It has an aggressive sports look that makes it look like a higher-end bike without the cost. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 weighs 383 pounds. 

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black and red sports bike on race track

Dirt bikes

Most dirt bikes will weigh around 220 pounds so finding a dirt bike under 400 pounds is not an issue.

  • Honda CRF 250F

The Honda CRF 250F is also considered a great bike for beginners as is very forgiving, comfortable to ride, and power input is smooth and predictable. Honda is known for its dirt bike reliability and popularity. The Honda CRf250F weighs 265 pounds.

  • Kawasaki KX250

The Kawasaki KX 250 motocross bike is a high-performing bike used on racing tracks and trails. One of the unique features of this bike is the new models have an electric start and have removed the classic kick start option. The Kawasaki KX250 weighs 237 pounds. 

green dirt bike on course

Other motorcycles weighing less than 400 pounds

  • Yamaha V Star 250 Raven – 326 pounds
  • Suzuki GW250 – 375 pounds
  • Yamaha SMAX – 328 pounds

MotorcycleWeight PoundsWeight Kilograms
Suzuki GW250375 lbs170 kg
Yamaha SR400348 lbs158 kg
Honda XR650L346 lbs157 kg
Kawasaki Ninja 300383 lbs174 kg
Honda CRF 250F265 lbs120 kg
Kawasaki KX 250237 lbs108 kg
Yamaha V Star Raven326 lbs148 kg
Suzuki GW250375 lbs171 kg
Yamaha SMAX328 lbs149 kg

Factors that affect motorcycle weight

There are several different factors that can affect the overall weight of a motorcycle. 

Motorcycle type

The biggest weight factor is the actual type of bike. A moped or scooter will weigh a lot less than most other bikes. Normally, the larger the bike is, the more it will weigh. 

Dirt bikes generally weigh around 220 pounds but can weigh more. The heaviest type of motorcycle is the touring bike which can weigh over 950 pounds.

Materials used

Not all bikes are made out of the same materials and therefore the weight can vary. Bikes that are made with plastic will weigh less than bikes that have steel parts. 

Other factors include engine size, added accessories, fuel amount, battery size, cargo, and aftermarket parts all play a role in the overall weight of a motorcycle.

What are the lightest motorcycles?

The lightest motorcycles available are in the moped class. Mopeds generally weigh between 150-250 pounds. The average weight of a moped is 180 pounds. 

Mopeds are not fast motorcycles and are very small and basic. They are used for riding locally over shorter distances and not on highways. 

yellow moped

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