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9 Things That Are 5 Inches Long (Check Out #3)

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In this article, I will show you 9 things that are around 5 inches long.

Knowing the size of everyday objects can be very helpful when comparing items or if you need to know the size of something without having a ruler or measuring tape on hand.

Here are 9 things that are 5 inches long.

  1. iPhone 7
  2. 2 adult thumbs
  3. 5 garden snails
  4. 6.5 pennies
  5. Bic pen
  6. Soda can
  7. Small teaspoon
  8. 3.5 K-cups
  9. 2.5 Pink erasers
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1. iPhone 7

Black iPhone7

The iPhone 7 has a length of 5.44 inches.

When the iPhone 7 was released on Sept 16, 2016, it was very popular. Like all iPhones, they can be used for many different purposes. It has a touch screen and it’s very easy to use with your fingers.

You can also download apps on the app store which are made by other people that do everything from teaching you how to cook or speak another language.

The iPhone 7 is still used today but is not nearly as popular as it was a few years ago.

Iphone7 with red case

Newer iPhone models like the iPhone 12 Pro measure 5.1 inches in length.

2. 2 Adult thumbs

The average length of the adult male human thumb is between 2.5 – 2.75 inches. 2 thumbs put together would be close to 5 inches long.

Thumb length in men tends to be slightly larger than in women.

Male thumb dimensions

3. 5 Garden snails

Garden snails are a type of terrestrial, air-breathing mollusk. They live in moist environments and feed primarily on plant matter.

Garden snails are one of the smallest snails at around 0.8 – 1.2 inches long.

Garden snails have a brown body covered with yellow or cream-colored shells with brown stripes. They have an excellent sense of smell to help them find food, but their eyesight is not very good.

Garden snail

4. 6.5 Pennies

Pile of pennies

The USA penny has a diameter of 0.75 inches. If you were to line up 6 and a half pennies, it would equal 5 inches long.

A penny coin is the lowest denomination of currency in circulation. It was originally made out of copper, but since 2006 has been made out of zinc with an outer layer of copper.

The original design had Abraham Lincoln on the front and two wheat stalks with leaves on the back. This design changed in 2008 for new designs depicting various presidents and other historic figures from American history.

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5. Bic pen

The very popular Bic pen has a length of 5.7 inches or 14.5 centimeters without the cap on.

The Bic pen is a ballpoint pen that was first manufactured in 1950 by Marcel Bich. They are inexpensive and easy to find, as they are widely used for everyday writing purposes.

With the introduction of the space-saving low-profile design in 1982, these pens became popular with people who wanted a substitute for sharp pencils or felt tips when drawing straight lines.

There have been over 100 Billion Bic pens sold around the world.

Bic pen length

6. Soda can

A standard soda can is just shy of 5 inches tall measuring 4.83 inches.

A soda can is an aluminum container, typically 12 oz or 16oz in size, and used for carbonated soft drinks. The cans are capped on both ends and made of thin metal to allow them to be crushed easily for recycling purposes.

They come in many different colors and designs that represent the company that produces them.

Check out the following image where I measured this 355 ml soda can to be 4.83 inches tall.

soda can measuring 4.83 inches tall

7. Small teaspoon

Teaspoon with water

Teaspoons can range in sizes but a typical small teaspoon will be around 5 inches long.

A teaspoon can be used for many different things. The common uses include:

  • stirring coffee or tea with cream and sugar
  • measuring out ingredients when cooking (1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons)
  • scooping ice cream from the carton into your bowl
  • serving cereal to your kids in their bowls

8. 3.5 K-cups

K-cups are 1.5 inches tall. If you can picture 3 and a half K-cups positioned together, they would equal 5 inches long.

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, chances are you have used a K-cup before. K-cups are used in some of the most popular coffee brewing systems in America.

Not only does it make a great cup of coffee, but it also makes for easy and convenient brewing.

9. 2.5 Pink erasers

The world-famous pink eraser has a length of about 2 inches. If you could put 2 and a half erasers together, it would equal 5 inches long.

A pink eraser is one of the most common types of erasers. Pink erasers are also called “rubber” or “erasable.”

Unlike white and blue erasers, which are made from a combination of natural rubber latex with chalk powder, pink erasers are usually made from synthetic rubber (such as styrene-butadiene).

The color comes from pigments added to the plastic material.

Pink eraser

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