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How Long Is 180 Feet? (With 9 Examples)

180 feet is long enough that it can be difficult to visualize. Smaller distances are much easier. To help get a sense of how long 180 feet is, I have put together a list of some common items that most people are familiar with.

Use these items to get a better understanding of how long 180 feet really is.

If you don’t have a measuring tool to accurately measure 180 feet, use the following items as a reference.

Things that are 180 feet long

You can also compare 180 feet in other measurements by simply using a conversion calculator.

180 feet is equal to:

  • 60 yards
  • 2160 inches
  • 54.8 meters
  • 5486 centimeters
  • 0.035 miles

1. 18-story building

The term story is often used to describe the height of a building. A building that has 10 stories might be around 100 feet tall. Although the height of a story can vary, it’s common for a story to measure 10 feet tall.

Therefore visualizing an 18-story building will give you an idea of how long or tall 180 feet is.

office buildings

2. Football field

If you are a sports fan, sports fields are great to use for size references. American football fields are 360 feet long x 180 feet wide. So although the width of the field is 20 feet shorter than 180 feet, it gives you a visual reference.

As mentioned above, 180 feet equals 60 yards. The yard markers on a football field can also be used as a length reference. Each yard line and 10-yard line are marked on the field making it easy to see just how far 60 yards or 180 feet is.

overhead view football field

3. School busses

Most people are familiar with the size of a school bus. Although school buses come in different sizes, the average-sized bus is 35 feet long. If you could place 5 school buses together in a row, they would be close to measuring 180 feet long.

school bus

4. Baseball field bases

Another sports reference would be a baseball field. If you are familiar with a major league baseball field, the bases are placed 90 feet apart. Therefore the distance between any 2 bases would equal 180 feet.

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The distance between first base and second base is 90 feet and the distance between second base and third base is 90 feet. The distance between first base and third base is 180 feet.

overhead view baseball field

5. Python snake

There are many snakes in the world that are very long. The Python snake is actually one of the longest snakes on the planet reaching just over 30 feet long. Placing 6 Python snakes together in a row would give you a good idea of how long 180 feet is.

python snake

6. 2×4 Boards

If you are into construction, you will be familiar with the length of a 2×4 board. The 2×4 board can be used for a variety of projects and are available in a few different sizes.

The most common size for a 2×4 board is 8 feet in length. Therefore placing 10 of these 2×4 boards together in a row would equal exactly 180 feet long.

pallets of 2x4 boards

7. Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are commonly used around the world and most people are familiar with the size of these trucks. Although the length of a pickup truck can vary slightly, many pickup trucks are around 20 feet long.

If you placed 9 pickup trucks together bumper to bumper and measured the length of them, you would see that they would be close to 180 feet long.

white pickup truck with open box cover

8. Garages

Many people will have a garage either attached to the home or detached and placed in the yard. Single and double-car garages can vary in size but on average, a standard-sized garage is 20 feet long. The same length as a pickup truck.

Therefore, the length of 9 garages would be very close to equalling 180 feet in length.

empty single car garage

9. Surfboards

Surfboards are designed for different tasks and to support various body shapes. Surfboards can also vary in size, but many longboards measure 8 feet long. You would need to visualize 22 surfboards to get an idea of how long 180 feet is. But if you are a surfer and own a surfboard, this will be easy to do.

surfboard laying on the beach

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