Things That Are 15 Feet Long

11 Things That Are 15 Feet Long

Many people use 15 feet to describe a certain length or distance, but this can be unhelpful if you don’t have a frame of reference.

Keeping a few examples in mind can help you get a much better feel for just how long or tall 15 feet is.

Things That Are 15 Feet Long

One to Two Sunflowers

There are many varieties of sunflowers, and each variety grows to a different height.

Some miniature sunflowers grow to only 1 foot tall, while others can be much taller.

The average height of a sunflower is between 6 and 10 feet, so you would need about one and a half or two sunflower plants to equal 15 feet.

However, mammoth, titan, California Greystripe, and skyscraper sunflowers can grow up to 14 feet, and some might even reach a height of 20 feet.

The flower parts of these massive plants can be as large as 2 feet across.

yellow sunflower

Six Footsteps

Everyone’s walking stride differs, and people take steps at different lengths depending on their height and other factors.

However, an average footstep length is about 2.5 feet, which means you would need to take about six steps to equal 15 feet.

A full stride is two steps and is therefore double the average step, so you would need to take about three strides to equal 15 feet.

couple walking on beach

Two Artificial Christmas Trees

You can purchase an artificial Christmas tree in a variety of heights so that you can ensure it will fit in whatever room you want to use it in. One of the most common heights is 7.5 feet.

If you had two artificial Christmas trees of this height in boxes and you lined them up end to end, they would equal 15 feet.

One Canoe

Canoes can be a few different sizes, and their length varies depending on what they will be used for and how many people will sit in them.

Most canoes, however, are between 14.5 and 17 feet long, and the most common canoe length is 16 feet. This means that the average canoe is just over 15 feet in length.

If you can picture a canoe, you can easily estimate what 15 feet looks like.

Kayaks are also close to 15 feet in length, with the longest kayak measuring around 16 feet.

Most kayaks, however, are closer to 10 feet long, so you would need about one and a half kayaks to equal 15 feet.

blue canoe on lake


The average length of a vehicle is about 14 feet long, which is just shy of 15 feet. A small SUV is usually right around, if not exactly, 15 feet in length.

If you can picture any car, you can get a good feel for a 15-foot length estimate, but picturing an SUV will often give you a more exact estimate.

silver SUV

A Giraffe

Most giraffes are between 14 and 19 feet tall. What the giraffe’s diet is like, what its genetics are, and what its adolescence was like can all impact how tall it will grow.

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Male giraffes often tend to be a bit taller than female giraffes as well. The average giraffe, however, is right around 15 feet tall, so they make a great estimate for that length or height.

A giraffe’s neck makes up almost half of its height. Most giraffes carry their necks at a 50 or 60-degree angle, but they can stretch to a 90-degree angle to reach food.

Most people think of giraffes as one species with several subspecies, but recent research has shown that there might be four or five distinct giraffe species.

Giraffes can weigh as much as 2,630 pounds, and they can live for up to 38 years.

giraffe standing next to trees

Five Baseball Bats

Baseball bats can vary somewhat in length, depending on how tall the person using them is. However, most adult baseball bats are right around, if not exactly, 3 feet long.

This means that if you lined up five bats end to end, they would equal 15 feet.

Picturing a baseball bat is an excellent way to break down 15 feet evenly.

Three Park Benches

Most park benches are designed for two people to sit on, and they are relatively uniform in size.

A park bench is generally about 5 feet long, and many are exactly this length. This means that three park benches together equal 15 feet.

A bench is something most people are familiar with, so this makes for an excellent estimate for 15 feet.

wooden park bench

A Step Ladder

One of the most common step ladder sizes is 15 feet. Many ladders are 15 feet and are designed to expand to a greater height, while other ladders might be 10 feet tall or long when they’ve been collapsed but can expand to 15 feet.

A 15-foot step ladder is a great choice for painting tall walls or reaching high ceilings. These ladders are also helpful if you need to reach something on your roof or if you need to trim a tall tree.

Three Standing Lamps

Most standing lamps, such as what you might find in a living room office, or library, are about five feet tall, so picturing three of these lamps will bring you close to 15 feet.

Although this is the most common lamp height, as it’s perfect for shining light over the back of a chair or couch, other standing lamps can be much taller.

If the lamp is between 7 and 8 feet tall, you will only need two to equal close to 15 feet.

An Extension Cord

Extension cords are extremely helpful, especially if you don’t have enough outlets or if you need to plug multiple items in.

One of the most common lengths for an extension cord is 15 feet. You can find regular extension cords with one plug at each end, but you can also purchase an extension cord with a power strip at one end, into which you can plug many items.

Extension cords for phones or that have USB ports are also commonly available in a length of 15 feet.

white extension cord

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