things that are 10 feet tall

7 Things That Are 10 Feet Tall (#5 Will Shock You)

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 11:53 am

It can be relatively easy to judge the height of something that’s four, five, or six feet tall simply by comparing the item to your own height. However, judging just how tall 10 feet is can be a bit more of a guessing game. Taking a look at some common items that are right around 10 feet tall or long can help you get more of a sense of the height, which can make judging a 10-foot distance much easier.

  1. Long charging cable
  2. Basketball hoop
  3. Hallway runner rug
  4. Above ground pool
  5. Patio umbrella
  6. Kayak
  7. Dog leash

Did you know? 10 feet is equal to 3.333 yards or 120 inches.

things that are 10 feet tall

#1. A Long Charging Cable

Standard charging cables that come with phones, cameras, or tablets are usually relatively short, only reaching a length of a few feet. However, many people prefer longer cables in order to make using devices while they charge simpler, and one of the most popular lengths for a charging cable is 10 feet. You can easily purchase a charging cable that’s exactly 10 feet long, and there are many different options available for a wide variety of devices and brands.

#2. A Basketball Hoop

Regulation basketball hoops must be exactly 10 feet tall. This height is measured from the ground directly below the hoop to the rim of the hoop itself. The backboard and stand for the hoop will be somewhat taller than 10 feet.

The backboard itself is usually about three and a half feet tall, and the frame or post of the hoop may extend more than 10 feet in order to provide adequate support for the heavy backboard and hoop. However, you can easily picture how tall 10 feet is by imagining how tall a basketball hoop is, or how tall you need to stretch to throw a basketball.

#3. A Hallway Runner Rug

Rugs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but some are exactly 10 feet long. This is particularly common in narrow runner rugs. These rugs, which can be found in a wide range of patterns and colors, are usually only two or three feet across, but their long length makes them the perfect size and shape for a hallway. Picturing a long rug in a hallway, or picturing the length of the hallway itself, can often help you accurately estimate how tall 10 feet is.

Other rugs, designed for large living areas or bedrooms, also often measure exactly 10 feet long. In fact, many bedrooms are right around 10 or 11 feet long along two sides. By imagining a bedroom or bedroom rug, you can often estimate a 10-foot height.

#4. An Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are an excellent way to install a bit of summer fun without worrying about neighborhood permits or construction hassles. They are also usually much less expensive than in-ground pools, and they can be stored easily during the colder months.

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Above-ground pools are available in many sizes, but one of the most standard sizes is a circular pool with a 10-foot diameter. These pools are usually about three feet tall, making them the perfect size for cooling off, playing a game, or floating on an inflatable raft. Imagining a medium-sized above-ground pool can help you estimate a distance of 10 feet.

When it comes to common yard items that are 10 feet, you can also picture another fun activity. Many backyard trampolines are exactly 10 feet in diameter. These are considered to be slightly smaller trampolines, which are the ideal size for a small or medium-sized backyard.

#5. A Large Patio Umbrella

Large patio umbrellas are designed to shade tables or deck chairs from the harsh rays of the sun. These umbrellas are often big enough to completely shade a table that seats four or even six people, so they need to have a wide diameter.

Many circular patio umbrellas have a diameter of exactly 10 feet, while rectangular patio umbrellas are often 10 feet by 12 feet. Picturing a large umbrella, such as what you might see at an outdoor restaurant or near a pool resort, can give you an accurate estimate of how tall 10 feet is.

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#6. A Kayak

Although kayaks can be found in different sizes, depending on the exact use, the number of seats, and the brand, most standard recreational kayaks are exactly 10 feet long. These are kayaks that are generally used for paddling around lakes or calm inlets or rafting along rivers.

Touring kayaks, which are designed for heavier use and are usually seen on the ocean, are often a bit longer and might reach lengths of 12 to 16 feet. Some sea kayaks can be up to 23 feet long.

If you’ve ever seen a kayak standing up in a marina or a garage, or if you can picture a kayak mounted on a vehicle’s roof rack, you can get an excellent feel for exactly how long 10 feet is.

#7. A Long Dog Leash

Most standard dog leashes are about six feet long, but many dogs, especially larger breeds, require a longer dog leash. Luckily, leashes that are exactly 10 feet long are readily available. These leashes are not only a great option for bigger dogs, but they also allow well-trained dogs to have a bit more freedom.

Dogs on 10-foot leases can explore more easily, sniffing where they please without dragging their owner from place to place. Longer leashes help owners and their dogs set their own paces. These long leashes can also be the perfect transition tool for training your dog to stay nearby when walking without a leash.

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