11 Common Things That Are 14 Inches Long

11 Common Things That Are 14 Inches Long

It can be frustrating when you need to know the length of something and don’t have a measuring tape or ruler handy.

When you don’t have the option of measuring the length of an item, you can compare it with something else of similar length to get an idea. 

In this article, I will show you some common items that are around 14 inches long.

It can be difficult to find something exactly 14 inches in length, but you can combine items to equal that length which makes it easy.

14 inches equals 35.56 centimeters or 1.16 feet.

11 Common Things That Are 14 Inches Long

1. Ratchet

A ratchet is also called a ratcheting socket wrench. If you perform maintenance on your vehicle, chances are you have used a ratchet. 

Ratchets are used to attach onto a socket allowing for easy tightening and loosening of a bolt. 

They are available in several sizes including the common 14 inch long ratchet. 

14 inch long ratchet

2. Pizza pan

If you look at the diameter of a medium sized pizza pan, it will be very close to 14 inches across. Depending on your location, pizza sizes can vary. 

I have seen places that call a 14 inch pizza large sized, and other places call it medium. 

Most medium sized pizza pans including the trim will be around 12-14 inches long.

3. Shoebox

Of course, shoe boxes can vary in size but on average, a men’s shoe box will be around 33 centimeters long.

This is not quite 14 inches long but it will give you something to reference when comparing items that are close to 14 inches. 

4. Laptop screen

Laptops these days can vary in screen size. Some people have a hard time deciding if they would prefer a 13, 14, or 15 inch screen size. 

The great thing about these laptops is there are a variety of options for all of these screen sizes.

The 14 inch laptop is quite common along with the popular Apple Macbook Air which has a screen size of 13”. 

14 inch laptop screen

5. Trailer tire

Depending on the type of trailer you have, the tire and rim size can vary. If you are referencing a 14 inch tire size, this means the tire will fit on a 14 inch diameter rim.

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Some trailers that haul boats, motorcycles, small campers, moving trailers, will use a 14 inch tire. 

6. 7 Soda cans

A regular 355 ml can of soda has the diameter of 2.13 inches across the top of the can. 

If you can picture 7 soda cans side by side, the length across the top of them will equal close to 14 inches.  

7. 5 Golf tees

Golf tees can be used in a variety of sizes. But the most common size used by golfers is 2.75 inches long.

If you take 5 of these golf tees and place them lengthwise on the ground, they would equal right around 14 inches long.

8. 14 Paperclips

Paperclips are a common item used around the house or office to hold several pieces of paper together. 

There are a variety of paperclip sizes available, but the most common size that most people are used to are 1 inch long. 

This is a standard size.

Picturing 14 paperclips together will give you an idea of how long 14 inches is. 

1 inch paperclip

Here are 11 more items that are 1 inch long.

9. 4 Credit cards

One of the most convenient items to use for measuring is a credit card that most people have in their wallets. 

The dimensions of a credit card are 3.375 inches long x 2.125 inches wide. 4 credit cards placed together lengthwise would equal just under 14 inches long. 

credit card size

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10. 2 Bananas

A decent sized banana that you would buy in a supermarket is about 7 inches long. Of course, some are smaller and some are larger. But the average banana is around 7 inches long.

So just think of 2 bananas placed back to back and they would equal 14 inches long.

11. Toaster oven

A toaster oven is often used instead of a full sized oven. Many people will keep them on a kitchen counter and can be used for reheating meals or cooking smaller dishes.

Toaster ovens are more energy efficient and affordable when compared to a full sized oven. 

They are also significantly smaller. 

The average length of a toaster oven will be close to 14 inches. Some may be slightly smaller or larger, but if you are looking to find the size of something that is 14 inches long, check out a toaster oven.

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