9 Things That Are 10 Yards Long

9 Things That Are 10 Yards Long

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 12:55 pm

Ten yards, which is equal to 30 feet, is often used to describe a distance. However, visualizing 10 yards can be tricky. Learning about some common objects that are about 10 yards long can help.

9 Things That Are 10 Yards Long

A Telephone Pole

A standard telephone pole is almost exactly 10 yards high. Telephone poles are used to carry telephone signals from house to house, and they’re particularly common in older towns and cities.

If you can picture a telephone pole, you can easily picture a distance of 10 yards or 30 feet.

telephone pole

Two Compact cars

The average length of a compact car is about 14 feet. Mini cars might be a little shorter, and sedans, trucks, SUVs, and vans are usually a bit longer. However, if you can picture two compact vehicles parked end to end, you can visualize a length of about 28 feet, which is only 2 feet short of 10 yards.

orange compact car

A School Bus

School buses are available in a variety of lengths depending on what the needs of the school and district are. However, most school buses are between 20 and 45 feet in length, and, on average, most buses are right around 35 feet long.

This is only 5 feet or 1 2/3 yards longer than 10 yards. Bright yellow school buses are a common sight, so picturing one can help you quickly estimate what 10 yards looks like.

large school bus

Two Giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest living animals. An adult giraffe can have a height of anywhere between 14 and 19 feet, depending on the gender of the animal and the specific sub-species. Female giraffes tend to be a bit shorter.

Usually, however, an average giraffe is about 16 feet tall. This means that a giraffe is about half of 10 yards, or two giraffes are just over 10 yards.

Giraffes were once thought to be all one species, with several variations or sub-species spread across Africa.

Researchers now believe, however, that giraffes should be divided into between four and eight distinct species.

Most scientists agree that there are at least four species, called the northern giraffe, southern giraffe, reticulated giraffe, and Masai giraffe, which can be divided into seven sub-species.

Most giraffes in zoos are either reticulated giraffes or Rothschild’s giraffes, which are a sub-species of the northern giraffe.

1 giraffe standing

Five or Six People

On average, an adult man is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and an adult woman is about 5 feet 2 inches tall.

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These average heights do vary from place to place around the world, as some people, such as Scandinavians, are genetically taller, while other people have genetics that make them shorter.

However, we can use these world averages to estimate 10 yards. If the people are on the taller end of the spectrum, you would need about five people, lying head to toe, to cover a distance of just under 10 yards.

If the people are shorter, six people lying head to toe would come to almost exactly 10 yards.

Visualizing a person of average height can help you break down or count out 10 yards with ease.

woman measuring height

A Whale Shark

One of the most recognizable creatures in the ocean, the whale shark is a gentle giant. These beautiful animals, which are actually a type of fish, can weigh as much as 41,000 pounds, and they often grow to between 18 and 33 feet in length.

This means that a large whale shark is probably right around 10 yards long.

Whale sharks can live for between 80 and 130 years. They have a mouth that’s 5 feet wide, but they’re actually very gentle and only eat small fish and plankton.

whale shark

Five Twin Beds

One twin bed is 75 inches or 6 feet 3 inches long. This means that five twin beds, lined up end to end, are just over 30 feet or 10 yards long.

Full beds are also about the same length as a twin bed, so you could picture either of these bed types to visualize 10 yards, or you could picture just one bed to help you break down 10 yards into five sections.

two twin beds with green pillows

A Two or Three Story Building

How tall a single story is can vary greatly, with stories reaching between 8 and 25 feet, depending on their use.

In general, a home has a story height of about 9 or 10 feet, so a three-story house is usually right around or just over 10 yards tall. If the home has vaulted ceilings, the stories could be as tall as 14 feet, so you might need to only picture a two-story home, or two tall stories, to imagine 10 yards.

Office buildings also have floors that are about 10 feet tall, so if you can picture three stories in a skyscraper, you can picture 10 yards.

A Triceratops

Several dinosaurs are around 30 feet tall or long, but one of the most recognizable is the triceratops. An adult triceratops probably measured between 26 and 30 feet long, making it almost exactly 10 yards in many cases.

Parasaurolophus was also right around 10 yards long.

triceratops on the beach

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