11 Common Things That Weigh 10 Pounds

11 Common Things That Weigh 10 Pounds

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 11:53 am

I have heard so many people say that they want to lose 10 pounds but are just not motivated to actually do it.

One of the best things to help people stay focused and motivated is to compare how much weight you want to lose with an item that has the same weight.

For me personally, being able to lift something that weighs 10 pounds really puts things into perspective as you can actually feel how much weight you will lose.

I compiled a list of some items that weigh 10 pounds for you to reference.

10 pounds is equal to 4.53 kilograms or 4535 grams.

11 Common Things That Weigh 10 Pounds

1. Bag of potatoes

Potatoes can be purchased in a variety of sized bags or individually depending on where you are shopping.

But it is common for potatoes to come in a 10 pound bag. 

On average, 2 potatoes weigh 1 pound.

So you can expect to have around 20 potatoes in a 10 pound bag.

This can vary of course depending on the size of the potato itself. 

2. Adult cat

Like many animals, cats can vary in size and weight. On average, an adult cat can weigh around 10 pounds. 

Lifting a domestic adult cat will give you an idea of what 10 pounds feels like.

Some cats like the Siamese, can be under 10 pounds when full grown.

Others like the Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds. 

3. Pumpkin

The weight of an average sized pumpkin is around 10 pounds.

They can weigh as small as 1 pound and super-sized pumpkins that win contests around the world can weigh up to 200 pounds. 

Many farm markets and grocery stores will sell pumpkins that weigh close to 10 pounds.

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4. 4.5 Liters of water

Using water is an easy way to estimate weight.

If you don’t have bottled water at home, simply use tap water and measure the volume of water in an empty bottle.

Water weighs 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram per liter.

So around 4.5 liters of water will equal 10 pounds.

Filling an empty container or bottle with 4.5 liters of water will give you an idea of what 10 pounds feels like.

5. 20 Rolls of quarters

Many people keep rolls of coins at home.

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If you have a roll of quarters, it will weigh 8 ounces which is 0.5 pounds. 

1 roll of quarters contains 40 quarters and each quarter weighs 0.2 ounces. 

So if 1 roll weighs 0.5 pounds, 20 rolls will weigh 10 pounds. 

FYI, there are 800 quarters in 20 rolls. 

roll of quarters weight

6. 4 Apple Macbook Air Laptops

As technology evolves, the weight of many computers and parts involved in the building of computers are getting lighter. 

Laptops, for example, seem to be getting lighter all the time. 

The weight of an Apple Macbook Air is only 2.8 pounds.

So 4 of them will equal 11.2 pounds which is slightly over 10 pounds but it gives you an idea of the weight.

4 laptops that only weigh around 10 pounds is really impressive!

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7. Bowling ball

Bowling is a very popular sport that is played around the world.

Bowling balls can vary in weight between 8-16 pounds.

The lighter weight balls are normally used by kids and adults will use the heavier weight.

So a 10 pound bowling ball is quite common.

Professional bowlers may use a 14 pound bowling ball. 

bowling ball weight

8. 10 Bags of coffee beans

If you are a coffee lover like me, you will know what a 1 pound bag of coffee beans looks like. 

A 1 pound bag of coffee equals 16 ounces.

This will give you around 100 tablespoons of coffee when ground and make close to 80 medium-sized cups of coffee.

So if you have ten 1 pound bags of coffee beans, it will equal 10 pounds total. 

9. 5 quarts of milk

Many people will be familiar with a quart of milk and you most likely have one in your fridge. 

On average 1 quart of milk weighs 2.15 pounds.

So if you want to get a sense of what 10 pounds feels like, you will need to lift 5 quarts of milk.

10. Italian Greyhound dog

The Italian Greyhound dog is a small version of the popular Greyhound.

They are known to be skinny and lightweight, only reaching around 10 pounds when fully grown.

Some of them can reach up to 15 pounds, but 8 to 10 pounds is more common. 

These dogs are very kind and make a great family dog. 

11. Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a very popular piece of exercise equipment.

They will help you gain strength, speed, and agility.

Medicine balls range in weight between 4-15 pound with 10 pounds being commonly used.

If you are a beginner, choose the lighter weights and go up in weight as you progress. 

If you use a medicine ball at home, this will give you an idea of how heavy 10 pounds is. 

medicine ball weight

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