How Big Is 100 Square Feet?

How Big Is 100 Square Feet? (With 9 Comparisons)

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how big something is without having a reference. It is easy to know the size of a square foot by measuring an item that is 12 inches by 12 inches.

But it is not so easy when you are trying to figure out how big 100 square feet is.

So, what does 100 square feet look like then?

In this article, I will show you 9 things that you can reference to help determine just how big 100 square feet actually is.

How Big Is 100 Square Feet?

#1. Car parking space – 1.6x larger than 100 square feet

A normal-sized car parking space has the dimensions of 16-18 feet long x 8-9 feet wide. This is equal to around 160 square feet. When comparing this to 100 square feet, the car parking space is about 1.6 times larger.

#2. Football field – 576x larger than 100 square feet

The American football field is the playing surface for the sport of American football. The field itself has the dimensions of 360 feet long x 160 feet wide including the end zones.

This is equal to 57,600 square feet which is 576 times larger than 100 square feet.

#3. King size bed – 2.5 beds equal 100 square feet

A king size bed is a mattress that is so big it can comfortably fit two adults. A king-size bed measures 76 inches (6.33 feet) wide and 80 inches (6.66 feet) long, which is 42.2 square feet.

This allows plenty of room for two people to sleep on the same side without being cramped together.

Approximately two and a half King size beds would equal 100 square feet.

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#4. Volleyball court – 18x larger than 100 square feet

A volleyball court is an outdoor or indoor area that has been designated for playing the game of volleyball. The size and shape can vary depending on what country you’re in, but typically it’s divided into four equal quadrants by two parallel lines running lengthwise down the center of the floor, with net posts at either end.

A regulation-sized volleyball court has the dimensions of 60 feet long x 30 feet wide which equals 1800 square feet.

This is 18 times larger than something that is 100 square feet.

#5. 2 car garage – 5x larger than 100 square feet

A 2 car garage is a type of residential and commercial building that has space for two vehicles. The term “garage” originated in the late 18th century from an American English word meaning “to shelter.”

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Traditional garages are typically open to the weather, often with just enough room for one or two cars. They are usually built close to homes or other structures such as sheds and workshops.

Many modern garages have been designed to be independent structures that can stand alone by themselves, sometimes connected by a breezeway door on one end so they don’t need their own separate entryway onto the property

The average dimensions of a 2 car garage is 20 feet x 24 feet which is 480 square feet. This would be almost 5 times larger than something that is 100 square feet in size.

#6. Storage Unit – 10’x10′ is exactly 100 square feet

A storage unit can be a lifesaver for storing the overflow of your home. Whether you are in need of extra space to store old furniture or want to free up some room in your house, renting a storage unit is an excellent option.

They are especially helpful if you have recently moved and do not have enough time to unpack before hosting big events.

If you are renting a 10-foot x 10-foot storage unit, this is the same size as 100 square feet.

#7. Tent tarp – 10’x10′ is equal to 100 square feet

A tent tarp is a piece of fabric that covers the top and walls of your shelter. A tarp can be used to keep rain from leaking on you while you sleep, or it can be used as an insulation layer in cold weather.

It also has many other uses such as a ground cloth, picnic blanket, tablecloth, sun shade canopy, or windbreak for cooking food.

If your tent tarp is 10 feet long x 10 feet wide, it would equal 100 square feet.

#8. Tennis court – 21x larger than 100 square feet

A tennis court is a rectangular area where players can play the game of tennis. It is usually marked with lines or stripes that form squares on the ground, and it has two sets of net posts at opposite ends.

One of the first things you might notice about a tennis court is that it’s not actually all that big. It’s just 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, which is 2106 square feet.

This is just over 21 times larger than something that is 100 square feet.

#9. Sheet of plywood – 3 sheets are almost 100 square feet

A sheet of plywood is a material that is used in the construction industry. Plywood is made by stacking layers of wood together until they make an even surface.

You can find this material at any hardware store and it’s often used for making furniture or shelving units, but it can also be found in other places like the flooring of your kitchen cabinets.

1 Sheet of plywood has the dimensions of 8 feet x 4 feet which equals 32 square feet.

3 of these sheets placed side by side would equal 96 square feet just shy of 100 square feet total.

plywood sheet

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