Things That Are 3 Meters Long

Things That Are 3 Meters Long (9 Examples)

This article will show you 9 examples of things that are 3 meters long.

Meters are a common unit of measurement generally used to measure longer items but can be used to measure small things as well.

Referencing certain items that are measured in meters can be very helpful when estimating the size of similar items. 

1 meter is equal to 39 inches long, therefore 3 meters equals 118 inches long which is also 9.84 feet. 

Check out the following items that are 3 meters long.

  1. Diving board
  2. Male tiger
  3. 1.5 x width of a car
  4. 3 Guitars
  5. 3 Tennis nets height
  6. 3 yards in football
  7. 1.5 Refrigerators
  8. 9 Yoga blocks
  9. 18 Dollar bills
Things That Are 3 Meters Long

A diving board

Diving boards can be used in different lengths and depending on the pool size, they can vary from 6 to 8 feet long. 

Certain pools, especially those used in competition, can have diving boards up to 10 feet long. So it is common to see a diving board around 3 meters in length. 

Visualizing a diving board used with deep water pools can give you an idea of how long 3 meters is. 

Adult male tiger

The Tiger is a species of cat and is the largest in the world. 

The size of a tiger can vary between males and females with full-grown adults in certain cases growing to 12 feet long which is around 4 meters

But on average, the adult female tiger will grow between 2 – 2.8 meters long. The adult male tiger can grow between 2.5 – 3.9 meters long.

Picturing an adult male tiger will show you just how long 3 meters is. 

1.5 x Width of a car

If you measure the dimensions of a standard-sized car, you will notice that they are somewhat similar. 

For example, most mid-size sedans are close to 15 feet long. Of course, that number can vary slightly, but on average most midsize cars are 15 feet long.

The same is the case for the width of a car. Many cars in the same class will have a width of around 6 feet or just over which is close to 2 meters. 

If you can picture the full width of a mid-size sedan car plus half of another, it would equal slightly over 9 feet or 3 meters long. 

3 Guitars

Like many other things, the length of a guitar can vary slightly. 

But if you are looking to determine the length of something that is 3 meters, laying 3 standard-sized guitars together in a row will be very close to measuring 3 meters long as each guitar will be 1 meter long

3 x Height of tennis net

If you are familiar with the sport of tennis, you will know that the net needs to be a specific height.

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A tennis net used by professional players will measure 3.5 feet high at the poles and 3 feet high in the center.

A tennis net has a slight sag in the center causing it to dip around 6 inches

Therefore if you are looking to reference something that is 3 meters long, picture the height of 3 tennis nets measured in the center as this will equal 9 feet total or 2.75 meters which is just under 3 meters. 

3 Yards in football

The yard markings on a football field make a great reference for length measurements.

Each yard marking on the field is equal to 3 feet

3-yard line markings on the field equal 9 feet or 2.75 meters long. 

So the next time you are at a football game, have a look at those yard lines and know that 3 of them are close to 3 meters long. 

Meters and yards are not the same measurement but are very close. 

1 meter is equal to 1.09 yards. 

1.5 full-sized refrigerators

Many homes, condos, and apartments will have at least one full-sized refrigerator that measures around 6 feet tall.  

These refrigerators can be used as a reference for length as 6 feet equals 72 inches or just under 2 meters.

If you can imagine one full-sized refrigerator plus another half placed on top, together they would equal 9 feet tall which is almost 3 meters long. 

9 Yoga blocks

If you are familiar with yoga, you know that the yoga block is one of the most important pieces of equipment to use. 

Yoga blocks can vary slightly in size but they are useful to use as a measuring tool. 

A large-sized yoga block will be around 12 inches or 1 foot in length. 

If you had 9 of these same-sized yoga blocks, they would equal 9 feet or 2.75 meters long which is just under 3 meters long. 

18 Dollar bills 

One fact that you may not know about USA dollar bills is that regardless of the denomination, they are all the same size. 

The USA dollar bill is 6.14 inches long x 2.61 inches high. 

Therefore, if you had 18 dollar bills, they would equal 110.52 inches long. 

This equals 2.8 meters long which is just 0.2 meters short of 3 meters. 

18 USA dollar bills placed together in a row equal close to 3 meters long.  

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