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Standard Sizes Of Everyday Objects (#8 Is Surprising)

Last updated on October 27th, 2022 at 09:48 pm

If you always wanted to know the standard sizes of everyday objects you are in the right place.

Finding out the size of something that you might use on a regular basis is not only educational and interesting but fun as well. 

Here are the standard sizes of 11 everyday objects.

The United States 1 dollar bill

Not all countries have the same-sized dollar bills. 

The USA $1 bill has the dimensions of 6.14 inches (156.1mm)  x 2.61 inches (66.3mm).

usa 1 dollar bill dimensions

Major League baseball

The current baseball size being used in MLB today is 9 inches (229mm) in circumference and 3 inches (73mm) in diameter. 

Credit card

The standard credit card size is 3.375 inches (85.725mm) x 2.125 inches (53.975mm). This is the same size as most bank debit cards and other types of payment cards. 

credit card size

Soup can

A standard soup can has dimensions of 3.94 inches (100mm) x 2.76 inches (70.1mm) and will hold 10.75 oz. 

Dinner plate

The average dinner plate size being used today is 10-12 inches in diameter (254mm x 304.8mm).

Depending on your location this can vary and many restaurants these days are using larger plate sizes for the standard dinner plate.


A standard pencil that is unsharpened with the eraser attached measures 7.5 inches (190.5mm) long with a diameter of 7-8 mm.

This can vary depending on the brand of the pencil being used.

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It’s common to see pencils that are 6 inches (152.4mm) long and 3.5 inches (88.9mm) long. 


Not all dice are the same size. They can vary quite a bit and are measured in millimeters. The standard dice size is 5mm and can go up to 100mm.

The most common dice size is 12mm (½ inch) and is found in typical board games.  

dice dimensions



The size of a chessboard and its pieces can vary greatly but a common size is 16 – 20” (406.4mm) x 16 – 20” (406.4mm) with each square being 2 – 2.5” (50mm – 63.5mm). 

Car parking space

Depending on location, parking space design, area, vehicle type, the size of a parking space can vary.

The standard car parking space size is 8 – 9 feet wide x 16 – 18 feet long and is 320 square feet. 

Golf ball

The standard golf ball size used around the world is 1.68 inches (42.67mm) in diameter. The golf hole size is 4.5” (114.3mm) in diameter. 

golf ball dimensions


AA battery

Including the button terminal, an AA cell battery measures 1.94 – 1.99 inches (49.2mm – 50.5mm) in length and 0.53 – 0.57 inches (13.5mm – 14.5mm) in diameter.

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