how big is a 24 inch suitcase?

How Big Is A 24-Inch Suitcase? (Dimensions And Weight)

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Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 07:56 pm

As airlines increase their carry-on and suitcase requirements and restrictions, choosing the right bag for a getaway can be challenging.

Figuring out how much a suitcase can hold can also be tricky.

Looking at a suitcase’s dimensions, weight, and capacity, however, can help you make a more informed choice.

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24-Inch suitcase Dimensions

The exact dimensions of a suitcase will depend on the brand and model. Some suitcases feature extra pockets on the front, for example, and these can create a greater depth.

Other suitcases have a hard outer shell which makes them more rigid and can also add depth and width to the suitcase’s measurements.

In general, however, a suitcase that’s 24 inches tall will usually have a width of around 16.4 inches and a depth of about 9 inches.

24 inch suitcase dimensions

Some 24-inch suitcases can be slightly larger. For example, the American Tourister Hardside 24-inch luggage has dimensions of 24″ tall x 16″ wide x 11″ deep.

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Like the exact dimensions of a suitcase, the exact weight of a 24-inch suitcase depends on several factors, such as what material the suitcase is made of, how many pockets and zippers it has, how it was constructed, and how wide and deep it is.

A larger suitcase will generally weigh more, but the biggest factor for weight is the suitcase’s construction.

Most suitcases are made of durable fabric. This fabric is relatively heavy, as it’s designed to stand up to the extreme wear that occurs when traveling and when suitcases are put on and taken off of airplanes.

However, fabric suitcases are usually lighter than suitcases with a hard outer shell.

woman struggling to lift a blue suitcase

Suitcases with wheels and a handle for pulling also tend to weigh a bit more, but what the handle is made of makes a big difference.

What makes up the suitcase’s frame also greatly affects the overall weight of the suitcase.

Because there are so many factors to take into consideration, unless you are able to weigh a suitcase or the tag tells you how much the suitcase weighs, you’ll need to estimate a rough weight.

Most suitcases that measure 24 inches tall weigh around 12 pounds, but many lightweight suitcases weigh between 7.7 and 10.2 pounds

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An example of a lightweight 24-inch suitcase is the Samsonite Freeform Hardside luggage which weighs 8.5 pounds.

On average, a 24-inch suitcase has dimensions of 24 inches tall x 16.4 inches wide x 9 inches thick.

Will I need to check a 24-inch suitcase?

Generally, a 24-inch suitcase is considered a small bag. Because it’s so small, you may be able to fit it into an overhead compartment, so you won’t need to check it.

However, most airlines have strict rules regarding the acceptable dimensions of carry-on luggage, so if your bag is measured, it may not pass. On some flights, it might not even fit in the overhead bin.

For domestic flights, most carry-on bags need to be a maximum of 23 inches tall or long.

For international flights, if you want to bring a carry-on, it will need to be 21 inches long or tall at most, and some flights might only accept carry-on bags of 19 inches.

If you’re not sure whether your bag will work as a carry-on, you can ask a gate attendant about their airline’s carry-on size rules.

Most airlines provide a box at the gate so you can easily measure your carry-on. If it seems the bag won’t fit, you can still check it at the gate without having to go back through security.

placing a suitcase in airplane overhead bin

How much can a 24-inch suitcase hold?

How much you’ll be able to fit into a 24-inch bag depends on the exact dimensions of the bag, including the interior dimensions, and what you plan to pack.

In general, most 24-inch bags have a capacity of about 75 liters or just under 20 gallons.

For some people, this is enough space to pack for two or more weeks. For other people, a suitcase of this size will only hold enough for two to three days.

neatly packed open suitcase

If you have a 24-inch suitcase, you should be able to easily pack several changes of clothes, one to two pairs of shoes, and a toiletry kit.

Many people also bring extra items such as a camera, an umbrella, makeup, or a book, and a few of these items should fit easily.

Exactly how much you can fit in the suitcase, however, will also depend on how bulky your clothes are.

If you’re packing for the beach or summer weather, you should have plenty of space.

If you’re bringing along large, puffy sweaters, though, you may find you can only bring a couple of outfits.

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