11 Things That Are 24 Inches Long

11 Things That Are 24 Inches Long

Twenty-four inches, which is equal to 2 feet, is a very common measurement. It’s often used to estimate sizes, so it’s a good idea to have a feel for how long or tall that measurement is. Picturing a few well-known objects can better help you visualize that length.

24 Inches is equal to 60.96 centimeters or 609.6 millimetres.

Here are 11 things that are 24 inches long.

11 Things That Are 24 Inches Long image of meatball sub

A Woman’s Footstep

The length of a footstep will vary depending on how tall the person is, what their body and health are like, and even what they’re wearing, but in general, one woman’s footstep is just over 2 feet or 24 inches long.

The taller a woman is, the longer her footstep will be, so a shorter woman might display a footstep that’s very close to 24 inches.

You can also use the size of a person’s foot to estimate 24 inches. Although women or shorter people tend to have smaller feet, a man’s foot is often right around 12 inches long.

In fact, it was this estimate that originally gave rise to the foot measurement. This means that two human feet, or even two men’s shoes, should equal right around 24 inches in length.

woman walking on sidewalk

A Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be any size or shape. Some are small and only take up a small amount of space, while others are designed for bigger areas and are therefore much longer.

A coffee table might be solid and designed with storage in mind, or it might have a simple, lightweight frame. However, most coffee tables do have a similar height, which is right around 24 inches.

A height of 24 inches makes it easy to reach for a drink while sitting on the couch, and it also usually matches the height of the couch, making it comfortable to put your feet up on the table if you want.

Two Sub Sandwiches

A sub or hoagie-type sandwich can be filled with any number of ingredients, and it can be toasted or even baked to create a signature flavor. Most rolls used for sub sandwiches are 12 inches long, and a sub sandwich is often referred to as a foot-long. You would need two of these large sandwiches to equal 24 inches.

footlong sub sandwich

A Small Television Screen

Television and computer monitor screens are measured diagonally from corner to corner. While you can purchase a very large screen to fit a big room, you can also buy a smaller TV for watching a movie or show in a small room, such as a bedroom.

A common size for these small televisions is 24 inches. This screen size offers a good image without taking up too much space.

Conversely, if you need a large computer monitor to view work or play highly detailed games, you might choose a monitor screen that’s 24 inches wide.

A Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are designed to shine a direct light onto a specific area, directing light onto your work or wherever you need it most. These lamps can be any size or design, and some have an adjustable height so you can aim the light more directly.

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However, most desk lamps are right around 24 inches tall, so if you can picture an average desk or even an end table lamp, you can probably visualize 24 inches.

folding desk lamp in front of brick wall

A Long Necklace

You can buy a necklace in almost any length, but chains or cords usually come in a few standard lengths. One popular length is 24 inches. A necklace of this length is long enough that it will hang down without being restrictive, and it’s often a good length for a pendant.

Two Frying Pans

Frying pans are available in a few sizes, and different sizes are ideal for cooking various dishes. Standard frying pans, however, are usually right around 1 foot or 12 inches across. This means that if you can picture two frying pans sitting side by side, you can also visualize a length of about 24 inches.

A Range Hood

A range hood is the metal box-shaped object that fits over your stove. A range hood usually connects to a fan and possibly a light. Switches on the hood allow you to turn on the fan, drawing smoke or the scent of food away from the stove and the kitchen area.

You can also use the switches to turn on the light, and you may be able to adjust the brightness, which makes cooking or reading a recipe easier. These range hoods are available in a few sizes, but most standard hoods that are made to fit over a standard stove are right around, if not exactly, 24 inches long.

chrome range hood

A Charging Cable

Long charging cables can be helpful if you need to use your phone, tablet, or another device while it’s charging. However, they can be difficult to store, they take up space, and they tangle easily.

For these reasons, shorter charging cables are often better in many situations.

You can purchase a 2-foot or 24-inch charging cable that is designed to plug directly into a computer or USB hub.

This shorter size reduces cable tangles and is much easier to store, particularly if you need several different cables to charge different devices.

Two Beach Balls

Most people are familiar with how big a beach ball is, and many people can even visualize how it feels to hold one. Beach balls are available in a few sizes, but standard beach balls are actually quite large.

Most beach balls have a diameter of 12 to 16 inches once they’ve been inflated. This means that two beach balls together would equal a length of right around or just over 24 inches.

beach ball on sand

Two Pairs of Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen tongs can help you move food around while cooking without getting burned. Simple kitchen tongs are made of stainless steel, but you can also buy fancier tongs that feature silicone handles or food grips.

Most kitchen tongs are about 12 inches long, so if you can picture two pairs of tongs lined up end to end, you can picture about 24 inches.

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