How High Is 20 Meters? (With 6 Examples)

This article will show you how high 20 meters is along with some examples of items that are 20 meters in height. 

Meters is a metric unit of measurement often used to measure length and distance between objects. 

It is often used to measure larger items like houses, sports stadiums, and playgrounds but meters can also measure smaller items as well. 

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How High Is 20 Meters?

1 meter is equal to 39 inches, therefore 20 meters equals 780 inches. (20×39 = 780). 20 meters is also equal to 2000 centimeters which is 65.6 feet. 

To get a sense of how high 20 meters really is, let’s look at some examples.  

Things that are 20 meters high

6.5 Stop signs

If you drive a vehicle, you are familiar with a stop sign. They are normally placed at intersections and at the end of a road or street. Depending on its location, a stop sign can vary in height. 

The actual stop sign itself is octagon-shaped and measures 30 inches across and 30 inches tall for signs placed on single-lane roads and 36 inches across and 36 inches tall for signs placed on multi-lane roads. 

The height of the stop sign must be 5 feet tall in rural areas and 7 feet tall in urban areas. This is measured to the bottom of the sign.

Therefore, if you live in an urban area and see a stop sign on a multi-lane road, a stop sign should be 10 feet tall or 3.05 meters from the ground to the top of the sign. 

If you can picture 6 and a half (6.5) of these stop signs placed on top of each other, they would measure around 65 feet tall which is very close to being 20 meters in height. 

stop sign height

Home plate to the pitcher’s mound

If you are a baseball fan, you are most likely familiar with the distance between home plate and the pitcher’s mound which is 60 feet 6 inches. 

This is equal to 18.44 meters which is about 1.5 meters less than 20 meters. Although it’s not exact, it gives you a good example of something that is 20 meters in size. 

baseball diamond

10 Standard sized doors

The standard height of a door in many homes is 80 inches tall which is 2.03 meters in height. 

Entry doors are required to have a height of 80 inches and certain custom-built doors can be smaller or larger depending on their location. 

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But most houses, hotels, and other buildings will use a standard door size of 80 inches tall. 

If you placed 10 of these doors standing up one on top of the other, they would equal 800 inches tall which is just over 20 meters in height. 

red door showing height

4 Giraffes

The giraffe is known as the tallest land animal in the world. Many people have seen a giraffe at the zoo or possibly on an African safari.

A fully grown male giraffe can be around 16 feet tall which is very close to 5 meters. The female giraffe is normally 2-3 feet shorter than a male. The tallest giraffe in the world measures 19 feet tall. 

Knowing that a male giraffe can grow to 5 meters tall, picturing the height of 4 giraffes will give you an example of 20 meters in height. 

Male giraffe

4 Two-story homes

Not all houses are the same in size and their dimensions can vary depending on the type of home.  

2 story homes are very common and the height of them can be measured in both feet and meters. 

Most 2 story homes have a height of 15-17 feet which is close to 5 meters. This measurement is from the ground to the gutters.  

Depending on the roof pitch and ceiling height, the height of the average 2 story house can vary from 20 to 35 feet tall. 

Knowing that the average height is 5 meters, picturing the height of 4 two-story homes will give you an example of something that is 20 meters high. 

2 story home

White Spruce tree

The White Spruce is a very hardy needled evergreen tree found in North America. These trees are commonly seen in Alaska and all across Canada. 

They can also be found in the Northern parts of the USA. 

Although the White Spruce tree can range in height anywhere from 50 to 100 feet or 15 to 30 meters, many of them stand about 20 meters high. 

white spruce tree

How to convert 20 meters into feet

As mentioned, 20 meters is equal to 65.6 feet. You can easily convert meters into feet by using a formula and conversion factor.  

Meters x 3.28 (conversion factor) = feet

20 meters x 3.28 = 65.6 feet. 

You can also use a conversion calculator to do the math for you. 

How many stories is 20 meters?

When considering the height of certain buildings, people will often refer to them as stories. A story is considered to be a level part of a building with a floor useable by people. 

The height of a story can vary depending on the building but on average, a story is about 4-5 meters high. Therefore, 4 or 5 stories equal 20 meters in height. 

apartment building

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