How Long Is 40 Inches Compared To An Object?

How Long Is 40 Inches Compared To An Object?

One of the best methods to determine how long 40 inches is without using a measuring tape is to compare it with the size of other objects.

Estimating 40 inches can be difficult but once you compare it to the size of something you are familiar with, it becomes easy to visualize. 

I have put together a list of objects for you to reference when determining how long 40 inches really is.

How long is 40 inches?

40 inches is equal to 3.33 feet or 1.016 meters. If you were to place 10 popsicle sticks together in a row, they would equal 40 inches long. Each popsicle stick is 4 inches long.

Other objects to compare with 40 inches include:

4 Shoeboxes

Shoebox dimensions can vary depending on the size of the shoe. Typically, men’s shoe boxes are larger than women’s and kid’s shoeboxes. 

The average men’s shoe box is 10 inches wide. Women’s are 7.5 inches wide and kid’s are 5 inches wide. 

If you place 4 men’s shoe boxes side by side, they will equal 40 inches long and are a great example of something that is 40 inches in length. 

men's shoebox size

5 Water bottles – 500 ml or 16.9 oz

Water bottles come in many different sizes. One of the most common water bottle sizes is the 500 ml or 16.9 oz plastic bottle. 

These can be purchased individually or in packs of 6,12, and 24 at most convenience stores and supermarkets.

Each one of these bottles is 8 inches tall, therefore if you had 5 of them placed one on top of the other or placed together in a row, they would equal 40 inches long. 

4 Samsung Galaxy A10.1 tablet

The Samsung Galaxy A10.1 tablet was introduced in 2019 and is one of the most popular tablets on the market today.

If you have one of these tablets, you can use it as a reference for measuring length.

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It has a length of just under 10 inches (9.65” to be exact), so if you put 4 Galaxy A10.1 tablets together in a row, they will equal just under 40 inches long.

¾ Width of a 70-inch tv

I love using TVs as a reference for size comparisons.

Something that many people don’t realize about tv size is the number of inches doesn’t relate to the width or the length of the tv.

It’s actually the size of the screen measured diagonally which determines the number of inches. 

For example, a 70-inch tv will have a 70-inch diagonal screen size.

The actual width of the tv might only be 60 inches wide. 

The Insignia 70-inch smart tv has a width of 62 inches which is just over 5 feet wide. 

If you want to see how long 40 inches is compared to an object, it is close to ¾ of the width of a 70-inch tv. 

Half of a queen size bed

The queen size bed is a very popular size that many people have in their homes.

If you have a queen-size mattress on your bed, you will notice that it is exactly 80 inches in length.

This is a standard length for queen-sized mattresses. Therefore if you measure half of a queen-sized bed, it will equal 40 inches and serves as a great example of how long 40 inches is compared to an object. 

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40 USA quarters

Coins are often used as a reference for the size of smaller items but you can use them for longer lengths as well. 

A twenty-five-cent coin which is a quarter in the USA measures 1 inch in diameter. This is the distance of the coin measured from one side to the other through the center. 

If you have 40 USA quarters, line them up together in a row one after the other and they will equal 40 inches in length. 

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