how long is a nissan rogue suv?

How Long Is The Nissan Rogue SUV? (All Years And Models)

Last updated on September 2nd, 2023 at 05:45 pm

If you are in the market for a new SUV, knowing the length of it is important information.

Whether you are looking to park it in your garage or need to know if it will fit in a parking space, you will need to know the actual length of the vehicle.

This article will show you the exact length of one of the most popular SUV’s. The Nissan Rogue.

On average the Nissan Rogue is 183 inches or 15.25 feet in length. Some models can vary slightly in length with the largest difference being between the S and Sport models.

In the following chart, you can see the length for every year and model available for the Rogue.

Nissan Rogue length chart for all years and models

Year S Length SV Length SL Length Platinum LengthSport LengthKrom Length

The numbers shown in the chart are measured in inches. You can convert them into other units of measurement by using this conversion calculator.

Nissan Rogue SUV images – length

The Rogue Sport model is quite a bit shorter than other models. 11 -12 inches depending on the year. So if you are looking for a shorter SUV, choose the sport model. Keep in mind, the sport package is only available in newer models starting in 2017.

In comparison, the Rogue is around the same length as this 15 foot long canoe:

It’s also important to note that the Nissan Rogue has a rear liftgate that will add to the total length of the vehicle when open.

Parking space size for Nissan Rogue

The dimensions of a standard car parking space are 16 to 18 feet long and 8 to 9 feet wide which is about 160 square feet.

This can vary depending on location but around 17 feet long is quite common.

With the Rogue being around 15 feet long, it will fit into most common parking spaces.

parking space dimensions

This article will show you the average parking space sizes for certain areas and vehicle size.

Garage size for Nissan Rogue

Unless you have a very small garage, the Nissan Rogue should fit without issues. The average dimensions of a 2 car garage is 20 feet x 24 feet which is 480 square feet.

Certain single car garages have the dimensions of 10 feet x 18 feet which would be a very tight fit, but 12 feet x 20 feet size single garage is suitable for the Rogue.

Alternative options for SUV’s with same length

There are many other SUV’s available that are similar in length to the Nissan Rogue.

  • Honda CRV has a length of 182.1″ or 15.175 feet.
  • Toyota Rav 4 has a length of 181″ or 15.08 feet.
  • Chevrolet Equinox has a length of 183.1″ or 15.25 feet.

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