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List Of The Lightest 65-inch TV’s (New For 2024)

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Last updated on March 18th, 2024 at 05:46 pm

The 65-inch TV is one of the most popular sized TV’s on the market today.

As TV’s evolve, not only do they become more advanced, but the materials used to build the TV’s are lighter making the overall weight of the TV much lighter than they were several years ago.

If you are looking to purchase a new 65-inch tv, there are many factors to take into consideration.

One of those factors is weight. If you plan to wall mount the tv, it’s crucial to know the actual weight of the tv along with the maximum weight that the wall mount will support.

I have compiled a list of the lightest 65-inch TV’s on the market today.

You will be surprised with how lightweight these TV’s actually are.

large flat screen tv wall mounted above a shelf

How much does a 65-inch tv weigh?

On average, a 65-inch tv weighs between between 40 to 60 pounds without the stand. The overall weight of the tv will vary between brands and the stand will add between 1 to 5 pounds to the weight.

Although it’s possible to lift a 65-inch tv by yourself, it’s recommended to have another person help you with carrying and wall mounting. These TV’s tend to be awkward and bulky to carry for 1 person due to the dimensions.

So although you may be able to carry the weight, the dimensions are the limiting factor.

To avoid damage to the tv and personal injury, always have 2 people carry a 65-inch tv.

How big is a 65-inch tv?

As mentioned above, a 65-inch tv can be difficult to carry due to it’s dimensions. People often get confused by the size of a tv as 65 inches is the actual screen size and not the size of the tv itself.

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Screen size is the diagonal measurement of the screen in inches. Which in this case is 65 inches.

The actual dimensions of the tv will vary based on the brand and model. Not all 65-inch TV’s are the same size. On average, a 65-inch tv has dimensions of 58 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 2 inches thick.

These dimensions are for the tv only and don’t include the stand.

65 inch tv dimensions

Factors that affect the weight of a tv

There are several factors that affect the overall weight of a tv.

  • TV size – In most cases, a larger tv will weigh more than a smaller tv but this is not always the case. I have seen many smaller TV’s weigh more than a larger one.
  • Type of panel – OLED panels tend to be lighter than LCD and QLED.
  • Additional features and components – The more features and additional components the tv has, the heavier it will be.
  • Materials used during construction – A variety of materials are used during the construction of a tv. Glass, metal, and plastic are used with plastic being the lightest and glass and metal being heavier.

Lightest 65-inch TV’s

The following is a list of lightweight 65-inch TV’s that are on the market today. The weights shown include the tv stands which can add between 1 to 5 pounds to the actual tv weight.

  1. Hisense A6 Series 65-Inch Class 4K UHD Smart Google TV – 36.4 pounds
  2. Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV – 42.5 pounds
  3. SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED 4K UHD Q70A Series – 48.1 pounds
  4. LG 65-inch Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV – 48.1 pounds
  5. TCL 65″ Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED – 50.7 pounds
65-inch tvDimensionsWeight
Hisense A6 Series 57.2″W x 32.8″H x 2.9″D36.4 pounds
Amazon Fire Omni Series57.1”W x 33.3”H x 2.9”D42.5 pounds
SAMSUNG Q70A Series57.2″W x 32.8″H x 1″D48.1 pounds
LG UQ9000 Series 56.9″W x 32.8″H x 2.7″D48.1 pounds
TCL Class 6 Series57.3″W x 33.3″ H x 3.1″ D50.7 pounds

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