How Much Does Hockey Gear Weigh?

How Much Does Hockey Gear Weigh?

Last updated on March 1st, 2023 at 10:37 pm

When people see hockey players, they see bulky equipment. Some of the guys and gals who play hockey look quite imposing when suited up with all their gear.

Have you ever wondered how much each piece of hockey gear weighs? If so, you are not alone.

Today, we are going to break down each piece of equipment and its weight. We will even total the weight, which may surprise you.

After learning about each piece of gear and its weight, you will likely understand why hockey players are typically on the larger side.

Ice hockey players battling on the ice

Hockey Has Some of the Heaviest Gear

Although there are many sports that require a lot of heavy gear, hockey is one that truly tips the scales. Depending on the position played, there are quite a few pieces of gear to don.

This sport is a high-contact one that requires a great level of protection. Without the right gear, hockey players can end up suffering horrific injuries.

Pieces of Hockey Gear and Their Weights

With the physical brutality, flying pucks, and slippery ice, hockey is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In the United States alone, there are around 20,000 hockey player injuries each year.

Below, we will list each piece of gear, what it is used for, and how much it weighs. Keep reading until the end so you can learn about the grand total weight of what hockey players must lug around on the ice!

ice hockey equipment


The helmet is one of the most integral pieces a hockey player wears. Head and face injuries happen often in hockey.

Helmet weights can vary, depending on the manufacturer. Most hockey helmets weigh between two to three pounds.

white ice hockey helmet

Shoulder Pads

Brute force is often used in the game of hockey. Shoulder pads are essential for protecting against serious injuries, such as dislocations. Shoulder pads typically weigh between two to five pounds.

man wearing hockey shoulder pads


Hockey players could not move very well around the rink if they did not have a pair of ice skates. Some of these skates can be quite bulky.

Hockey ice skates can weigh between one to two pounds. The weight can vary among types and brands.

ice hockey skates hanging on a wall

Hockey Stick

Hockey players would not be able to play a game without their hockey sticks. These sticks are used in many ways, including pushing the puck toward the goal.

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Hockey sticks, on average, weigh one to two pounds. These sticks are made from different types of wood, including ash, mulberry, and hickory.

ice hockey player skating with a stick and puck

Shin Guards

Shin guards are essential for protecting against lower leg injuries. Imagine the pain of having your shins hit with a flying hockey puck or a stick!

Shin guards weigh around one to two pounds. These guards are bulky but do not weigh as much as you might think.

ice hockey player putting on shin guards


Hockey gloves are critical for protecting the hands and wrists against injuries. Some gloves are more padded than others, which can contribute to their weight.

Most hockey gloves weigh around a pound or slightly less.

ice hockey gloves

Padded Hockey Shorts

While the lower legs are protected with shin guards, the pelvic area and thighs would become danger zones without the right padding.

For a hockey player, wearing padded shorts is important. These shorts offer padding in strategic areas and are lightweight in design. Most weigh between three to six pounds.

Black and red ice hockey protective equipment pants isolated on white background.

Elbow Pads

With so much potential for injuries, almost every area of the player’s body needs to be shrouded in protection.

A player’s elbows can be seriously injured because of falls. Elbow pads weigh less than a pound, on average.

young male hockey player in dressing room

What Is the Total?

A hockey player’s full gear typically weighs between 20 to 25 pounds, depending on the type. Some players may have heavier gear, depending on their position.

Other hockey equipment such as a mouthpiece, socks, jersey, and neck guard, can add an additional few pounds to the total weight.

How Much Does a Goalie’s Gear Weigh?

Playing goalie is dangerous. Imagine having to defend against pucks flying at 100 mph toward your face!

As you can imagine, a goalie needs more protection than the average hockey player.

Goalies have extensive gear that weighs between 75% to 100% more than other players. On average, a goalie’s gear will top out at 50 pounds but can go higher.

The reason for the increase in weight is a goalie’s pads are much thicker. Their helmets are also thicker to protect their heads against the dangerous impact of flying pucks.

These changes in thickness add extra protection and weight.

ice hockey goalie

Hockey Players Need the Right Gear to Play Safely

Hockey is an exhilarating, yet dangerous sport. Having the right gear in place can mean the difference between an exciting game and a deadly one.

Now you know why hockey players must remain in such good shape. Being able to play aggressively on the ice, while lugging around all that weight, has to be exhaustive!

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