List Of Household Items That Weigh 20 Grams

List Of Household Items That Weigh 20 Grams

Last updated on September 4th, 2022 at 09:53 pm

If you are trying to visualize how much something around the house weighs or you’re estimating the weight of another object, having a good idea of what 20 grams looks and feels like is helpful.

Being able to imagine several different common household items that weigh about 20 grams can help you better estimate the weight.

Here are several household items that weigh 20 grams for you to reference. 

How much is 20 grams in weight?

20 Grams is equal to 0.02 kilograms or 0.044 pounds. 

5 Sugar packets

Sugar or sweetener packets are used at home, coffee shops, and restaurants to sweeten drinks like coffee and tea.

Some people will use these sugar packets as a sweetener for fruit and other foods. 

Sugar packets are small in size and weigh around 4 grams each.

Adding 5 sugar packets together will equal 20 grams total. 

4 USA nickels

Coins are always a great item to use when referencing weight.

I mention in the article 9 random things that weigh 5 grams, that the USA nickel is made out of 75% copper and 25% nickel and weighs 5 grams each. 

Therefore having 4 USA nickels together will weigh 20 grams.

Nickels are a common coin that many people use and they are an accurate way to reference the weight of other things of similar weight.

4 Grapes

A grape is commonly known as a fruit that is used for making wine and jams or to eat as a snack.

Grapes are green, purple, red, or black and can be found at most fruit markets and grocery stores. 

Grapes are usually kept in the refrigerator and can vary slightly in size and weight.

But on average, a grape will weigh around 5 grams each.

If you are looking to get an idea of something around the house that weighs 20 grams, put 4 grapes together and they will weigh about 20 grams. 

20 buttons

A button is commonly used in clothing and fashion with the purpose of holding 2 pieces of fabric together.

A button is a small round disc usually made of plastic but can also be metal or wood. 

Buttons are generally sewn with a needle and thread and they can vary in size as not all pieces of fabric or clothing sizes are the same. 

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A small button that is 8 or 9 millimeters in diameter will weigh 1 gram each.

Therefore placing 20 buttons together will equal 20 grams and provides you with a good example of something that equals 20 grams in weight.

3 Pens

A pen is a common tool that most people will have around the home or office.

A normal-sized ink pen that is made of plastic will usually be around 6 inches long. 

The very popular Bic pen with the blue plastic cap will weigh around 6-7 grams each.

If you have 3 of these pens, they will be close to weighing 20 grams in total.

It may not be exactly 20 grams, but it will be close enough to give you an idea of the weight of 20 grams.

4 Credit cards

Most people are familiar with a standard credit or bank card.

These plastic cards are normally kept in a wallet and have dimensions of 3.375 inches long and 2.125 inches wide. 

Each credit card weighs around 5 grams each and 4 credits cards will equal 20 grams in weight. 

20 ml of water

Water is something that you can easily access in your home.

It can be difficult to use water to measure the weight of small amounts, but if you use a syringe or something small to measure in milliliters, it’s quite simple.

On average, water will weigh 1 gram for every ml.

Measure out 20 ml of water using a syringe and it should be very close to equalling 20 grams in weight. 

3 Tablespoons of coffee

Different coffee grounds and coffee beans can be of different weights.

If you use coffee grounds at home, they can be used as a reference for weight purposes.

For example, light roasted coffee grounds weigh around 6-7 grams per tablespoon. 

Measuring out 3 tablespoons of this coffee will give you a good reference for something that weighs 20 grams. 

18 Jelly beans

Jelly beans are a classic candy that is shaped like a bean.

These sugar candies are small with a hard shell and soft inside.

They are available in a variety of colors and flavors and have been a favorite candy of many people for years. 

Jelly beans weigh just over 1 gram each.

If you had 18 jelly beans that all weigh 1.1 grams each, they would be very close to equalling 20 grams in total. 

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