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Popular Examples Of Boats That Can Fit In A Garage

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Keeping your car in the garage protects it from the elements, eliminates the risk of dings and scratches by others, and reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. But if you’re into boating, your garage space might be useful. 

Many people swear by the fun and relaxation they enjoy when they go on a boat. So, if you’ve finally bought your boat, you might wonder about the best place to store it. 

Boat storage, especially in the off-season, is a significant concern for boaters. This is why we decided to list some of the best examples of boats that can fit in a garage. So, keep reading to learn more about this topic. 

Storing Your Boat in the Garage

Once summer is over and you no longer go on boating trips, it’s time to consider storage options for your boat. Of course, you can consider in-water storage options, but this means that you have to pay storage costs.

Moreover, it will only work in areas with mild winters, and you must use an agitator to prevent the water from freezing around your boat. 

Outdoor dry boat storage is another option. And if you live in an area where boating is popular, you’ll find plenty of spots to store your boat. 

But if you already have a garage, you might consider storing your boat inside. Even if you already keep a vehicle inside your garage, there might still be plenty of space that you use for various purposes.

Garage storage offers better protection from the elements, and if your garage is adequately secured and monitored, you can rest assured that your boat won’t be stolen. 

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Understanding Your Garage’s Space

In addition to keeping your car safe, there are various excellent options to make use of your garage space. One of them is storing your boat instead of renting outdoor storage space

Storing your boat in the garage is definitely the best option, but only if you know that your boat will fit. This storage option doesn’t cost any extra money and gives you constant access to the boat to maintain it whenever you want.

Moreover, the boat will be protected from the elements and thefts. 

But unless your garage is big enough to accommodate the boat, you’ll have to find a boat storage facility near your location. You might have to rent a self-storage facility or find a dry-stacked warehouse, but you’ll have to pay the extra costs.

The rent can be anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on your boat’s size. 

Garages come in various shapes and designs. But most one-car garages are 20 feet deep and 12 feet wide. Some garages can be a little wider, so yours might be 14 feet wide and 22 feet deep.

Other garages can be slightly bigger, so yours might measure 14 X 24 feet or 16 X 24 feet. 

A two-vehicle garage is definitely larger, so it might be 18 X 20 feet. But this means you won’t be able to fully open the cars’ doors if you keep two vehicles inside.

This is why most garages will be 18 X 22 feet, 20 X 22 feet, or even 22 X 22 feet. 

Bigger garages also provide extra space that you can use to store a boat if you only keep one car. Larger garages that fit three to four boats can be anything between 32 X 22 feet to 40 X 30 feet. 

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Examples of Boats That Can Fit in A Garage

In order to know if your boat will fit inside your garage, you need to determine your boat’s class and type. 

Most one and two-car garages can fit most boats that belong to Class A and measure less than 16 feet. These garages can also fit Class I boats, which measure between 16 and 26 feet long. 

Most garages that fit three to four vehicles can fit all Class A, all Class I, and some Class II boats. Class II boats measure between 26 and 40 feet long. 

Boats’ types can be determined according to two methods. The first one is related to how the boat is powered. Boats can be man-powered, sail-propelled, or engine-powered.

The second one is related to the boat’s style. So, it can be a fishing boat, dinghy boat, jet boat, or pontoon. 

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Knowing your boat’s style and class can help determine if it fits into the garage. Although sizes vary, some classes and styles have specific measures, so you can decide if the boat will fit into your garage. 

Boats That Fit Into a One-Vehicle Garage

A one-car garage isn’t that common, as most properties have bigger ones. However, your property might have a detached garage behind or next to your building that only fits a single car. 

A single-car garage is small, so it will only fit smaller boats. Most Class A and some Class I boats will fit conveniently. Statistics show that most registered mechanically propelled boats measure between 16 and 26 feet long. 

This means that there’s a big chance that your boat will fit into a one-car garage. Here are some of the most common examples of boats that fit into a single-car garage. 

  • Dinghy boats that belong to Class A and measure between 8 and 15 feet. 
  • Day sailing boats that belong to Class A and measure between 12 and 14 feet. 
  • Canoes that belong to Class A or Class I and measure between 16 and 17 feet. 
  • Jon boats that belong to Class A or Class I and measure between 8 and 20 feet. 
  • Fishing boats that belong to Class A or Class I and measure between 15 and 22 feet. 
  • Skiffs that belong to Class A or Class I and measure between 15 and 25 feet. 
speed boat on the beach of Coco Island, Seychelles

Boats That Fit Into a Two-Vehicle Garage

Most property garages can fit two cars. This garage size also increases the number of boat options that can be safely stored inside. 

When you have a two-car garage, you can store a Class A or Class I boat and still have enough space for a vehicle or office space. You can also fit a broader boat that wouldn’t fit into a single-car garage. 

Wider boats with more beam are more stable and spacious, so they’re pretty popular. Here are some of the most common examples of boats that fit into a two-car garage.

All of them belong to Class I, except for bowriders that might belong to Class A or Class I. 

  • Bowriders that measure between 16 and 21 feet. 
  • Walkaround boats that measure between 18 and 30 feet. 
  • Pontoon boats that measure between 18 and 25 feet. 
  • Pilothouse boats that measure between 20 and 35 feet. 
  • Cuddy cabin boats that measure between 22 and 30 feet. 
  • Cruiser boats that measure between 21 and 45 feet. 
Red Pontoon Boat Tied to a Dock With Two Chairs

Boats That Fit Into a Three-Vehicle Garage

More oversized garages that fit three cars aren’t common, but storing a boat won’t be an issue if you have one. If you have a boat that accommodates a big family, storing it sideways won’t be a problem. 

In addition to all the previous examples of Class A and Class I boats, a three-car garage can also fit some Class II boats.

Here are some examples of boats that fit into three-car garages. 

  • Center console boats measure between 26 and 30 feet. 
  • Convertible fishing boats that measure more than 35 feet. 
  • Sedan bridge boats that measure more than 35 feet. 
  • Catamaran boats that measure between 38 and 47 feet. 
  • Trawler boats that measure between 35 and 60 feet. 

Tips For Storing Your Boat In A Garage

After knowing the type and class of your boat, there are a few tips to follow if you want to keep your boat in the garage. 

  • Consider the boat’s length, width, and height with the trailer. The trailer adds two to four feet to the boat’s length and one to two feet to its width. 
  • Measure your garage’s dimensions correctly and see if your boat will fit sideways or diagonally. 
  • Rearrange the space and move things around to create more space for your boat and other belongings. 
  • Make sure that the centerline of the boat’s trailer aligns with the garage. 
  • Move the trailer’s hitch toward one of the garage’s door borders. 
  • Use a breakaway swing or detachable tongue if the trailer is too long. 
Motor Boat and trailer separately on a white background

Wrap Up

There are several options available for storing your boat. Indoor storage inside your garage is one of the most convenient ones because it’s inexpensive, and you can always have easy access to your boat. But first, you must ensure your garage can fit your boat. 

One-vehicle garages aren’t that common, but you might be able to fit some Class A and Class I boats. Two-vehicle garages can accommodate one boat and a car. They can also fit some Class II boats. 

If you have a bigger boat that fits a family or group, then it probably belongs to Class II boats. A three or four-vehicle garage will fit most of these big boats. 

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