Examples Of Things That Weigh 3 Kilograms

9 Examples Of Things That Weigh 3 Kilograms

Three kilograms, which equals just over 6.5 pounds, is a relatively common weight, and it’s often used for weight estimates. However, this weight might not be as familiar to people who more commonly use the imperial measuring system. Thinking about a few familiar objects, however, can help you get a better feel for what 3 kilograms actually is.

Examples Of Things That Weigh 3 Kilograms

One to Two Bricks

Bricks differ in size and weight depending on how they’re made, what materials they’re made from, and what their intended use is. However, many bricks weigh just over 6 pounds, which is just less than 3 kilograms. Other types of smaller bricks weigh closer to 3.5 pounds, so you would need two bricks to add up to just over 3 kilograms.

two bricks

Three Bags of Sugar or Flour

In the United States, flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients such as rice are often sold by the pound. However, in much of the rest of the world, these dry ingredients are sold by the kilogram, and you can often find a kilogram package of flour or sugar, even in the U.S.

Packages like these are convenient for estimating weights because they weigh exactly 1 kilogram. You would need three of these packages to equal 3 kilograms.

If you can’t find a bag of flour, sugar, or rice that weighs 1 kilogram, look for an average package of sugar. In the United States, sugar is often sold in 2-pound bags.

Two pounds is only slightly less than 1 kilogram, so although the measurement won’t be as exact, you can still use three of these packages to estimate just less than 3 kilograms.

Three Pineapples

Like any fruit, each pineapple grows to a slightly different size. How much a pineapple weighs, therefore, depends on genetics, growing conditions, and even ripeness. Most pineapples, however, weigh about 2 pounds.

This means that you would need three ripe pineapples to equal about 6 pounds or just under 3 kilograms. These small pineapples are the most common pineapples sold in grocery stores, but some pineapples of larger varieties can weigh up to 3 kilograms each.

Other fruits and vegetables can also be used to estimate weight with relative accuracy. For example, most cantaloupe melons weigh right around or just over 1 kilogram, so three cantaloupes should weigh about 3 kilograms.

A cabbage also weighs about 1 kilogram, so you can use three to estimate 3 kilograms. Cabbages are one of the densest leafy vegetable varieties, so they tend to weigh a bit more than a head of lettuce or spinach.

three pineapples

A Newborn Baby

The weight of a newborn baby can vary greatly from baby to baby. Premature babies, for example, will weigh much less than other babies. On the other hand, some babies, due to genetics or the health of the mother, will weigh more than the average baby. In general, however, a weight of about 3.5 kilograms is considered normal.

newborn baby

Three Textbooks

Every textbook is a bit different and has a different number of pages. The weight of the paper or cover will also vary from book to book. However, in general, most textbooks weigh about 1 kilogram. If you have three textbooks for three different classes, you have about 3 kilograms worth of weight.

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A Small Suitcase

Suitcases can vary greatly in size. Some suitcases are designed to hold lots of clothing or personal items for long trips. Other suitcases are made to be used for weekend getaways or as carry-on luggage that can be stored in an overhead compartment.

Carry-on suitcases are designed to be lightweight enough that they can be lifted easily by one person, even when they are fully packed. For this reason, many small suitcases weigh right around 3 kilograms.

When they’re fully packed, however, they can weigh double or even more, depending on what items are inside the suitcase.

woman with a small suitcase

Two Cottontail Rabbits

Rabbits can grow to various sizes, and there are many different rabbit subspecies, all of which have different average sizes. However, one of the most common rabbit varieties, the cottontail, generally weighs about 3 pounds.

If you can picture three of these rabbits, you’re picturing about 6 pounds of weight, or right around 3 kilograms.

Cottontail rabbits weighing about 3 to 3.5 pounds are usually found in the western part of the United States. New England cottontail rabbits, on the other hand, weigh less. These rabbits often weigh around 2 pounds, so you would need three rabbits to equal 3 kilograms.

A chihuahua is another easily recognizable animal that weighs about 3 kilograms. Most chihuahuas weigh between 3.5 and 6.5 pounds, so a large chihuahua is a perfect example of 3 kilograms.

cottontail rabbit in the grass

A Ream of Paper

A ream of paper is a large bundle of printer paper. If you’ve ever worked in a school or office environment, you’ve probably seen these large packages of paper.

What a single ream weighs depends on the paper weight of each sheet, but an average ream of paper containing 500 – 8.5 by 11-inch sheets, weighs about 5 pounds. This is just slightly less than 3 kilograms.

If you add in the packaging around the ream, you’ll have something very close to 3 kilograms.

Three Pairs of Shoes

The average weight for a pair of shoes is about 2.5 pounds or right around 1 kilogram. This means that three pairs of shoes, of average size, should weigh about 3 kilograms.

Women’s shoes are the most common shoes of this weight, but the exact weight of any pair of shoes will depend on the size of the shoe, the style, and the material.

Men’s shoes, for example, usually weigh a bit more than average, as they’re generally larger. Sandals often weigh less than sneakers, but any shoes, including platform sandals, with thick soles often weigh more.

pair of blue lace up sneakers

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