Pickup Trucks That Will Fit In A Garage

Pickup Trucks That Will Fit In A Garage

If you currently own a home with a garage and are in the market for a pickup truck, you will need to ensure the truck will fit inside your garage before buying.

As not all garages and pickup trucks are the same size, it’s important to research the dimensions of both ahead of time to avoid frustration if the truck doesn’t fit.

The following is a list of pickup trucks that will fit inside a garage along with their dimensions and other important information.

Pickup Trucks That Will Fit In A Garage

Garage size and pickup truck size

In order to ensure that a pickup truck will fit in your garage, you will need to know both the size of your garage and the size of the truck.

Once you know the dimensions of both, you can easily decide whether or not there will enough room in the garage to accommodate your new truck.

Size of a garage

On average, a single-car garage has dimensions of 20 feet long x 12 feet wide. The height of the garage is not going to be a factor unless the ceiling is very low and the vehicle is very tall.

The most important dimensions that you need to know are the garage length and width.

If you have a single-car garage, ensure to measure its exact dimensions as they can vary slightly from the average.

A double-car garage is going to provide more space and on average has dimensions of 24 feet long and 24 feet wide.

single car garage dimensions

Size of a pickup truck

The actual dimensions of a pickup truck will vary based on its make and model. But on average, a pickup truck has dimensions of 19.8 feet long x 6.7 feet wide x 6.3 feet tall.

By looking at these dimensions, it’s easy to see that the length is going to be the most restrictive and deciding factor in whether or not the truck will fit in a garage.

If your garage is 20 feet long and the pickup truck is 19.8 feet long, there is a chance that it won’t fit.

Your 20-foot-long single-car garage may only measure 19.5 feet long in reality which may not be suitable for the truck to fit.

An example of a pickup truck that won’t fit into a single-car garage is the Dodge Ram 1500. This truck is 20.15 feet long which is slightly larger than the length of the garage.

You may get lucky and have a single-car garage that measures just over 20 feet long and you can squeeze the truck in but it’s not likely.

Also, keep in mind that the garage door will need to close. You need to keep space in front of the truck to provide enough room for the door to fully close.

Even if you manage to fit a 19.8-foot-long pickup truck into a 20-foot-long garage, there will be no room to walk in front or behind the truck.

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If you happen to have a double-car garage that is 24 feet long, your pickup truck will fit much better.

As mentioned, not all pickup trucks are the same size. There are several trucks that will fit inside a single-car garage.

dodge ram pickup truck

Pickup Trucks That Will Fit In A Garage

The following list of pickup trucks will fit into a single-car garage. Although this is not a complete list, it shows some of the more common trucks along with the dimensions of each.

Note: The width of these pickup trucks is with the side mirrors folded in.

  • 2023 Ford F150 XLT Supercrew: 19.3 feet long x 6.67 feet wide x 6.43 feet tall
  • 2022 GMC Canyon AT4: 17.7 feet long x 6.19 feet wide x 5.88 feet tall
  • 2022 Chevrolet Colorado Z71: 17.73 feet long x 6.19 feet wide x 5.85 feet tall
  • 2022 Ford Ranger XLT: 17.56 feet long x 6.48 feet wide x 5.89 feet wide
  • 2023 Nissan Frontier Pro Crew Cab: 17.5 feet long x 6.22 feet wide x 6.07 feet tall
  • 2023 Honda Ridgeline Sport: 17.5 feet long x 6.55 feet wide x 5.9 feet tall

Things to consider


As mentioned, the pickup truck dimensions above are given without the side mirrors included. Once you open the mirrors, the truck will be wider.

On average, the mirrors will add an extra 1 foot to the overall width of the truck.

Garage opener

In most cases, the ceiling height won’t play a factor in determining if a pickup truck will fit in your garage. But if your garage door is electric, chances are the motor will be attached to the ceiling and it could be a concern depending on your ceiling height and the truck you own.

garage door motor

Side door space

Even though your pickup truck may fit inside a garage lengthwise, you still need to consider the space on both sides of the truck to ensure you can open the doors.

I currently own a single-car garage and although I can fit a small pickup truck inside, opening the doors of the truck is another story. It’s a very tight squeeze.

Trailer hitch

Does the pickup truck have a trailer hitch? If so, you may need to remove it in order for the truck to fit in the garage. Unless it is permanently attached to the bumper of the truck.

When measuring the length of the truck, make sure to include the trailer hitch.

trailer hitch

Miscellaneous items in the garage

If you have a small single-car garage, chances are you won’t have much storage space and will have miscellaneous items like garbage cans, shelving, and toolboxes on the open floor.

Take this into consideration when deciding if your pickup truck will fit in the garage.

Use sensors and cameras

Most new vehicles now have sensors and cameras built in to not only help with safety but to help when parking and guidance.

Don’t be afraid to use the warning sensors if you get too close to a wall or other items, they can be very helpful. Also, use the backup camera for guidance as it makes backing into a tight space much easier.

backup camera in mirror

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