Everyday Items That Weigh 600 Grams

Everyday Items That Weigh 600 Grams

Six hundred grams is equal to about 1.32 pounds. Although 600 grams seems like a common measurement, most household or everyday items weigh a little bit less, closer to the 1-pound mark.

This makes it hard to visualize exactly how much 600 grams is.

A Hardcover Book

Hardcover books can weigh different amounts depending on how they’re made, what thickness the paper is, and how many pages there are.

For example, a large-type hardcover book will require more pages, so it will be heavier than other hardcovers.

However, an average hardcover book weighs just under two pounds, meaning it’s very close to 600 grams.

hand holding an open book

A Small Jar of Peanut Butter

How much a jar of peanut butter weighs depends on the brand and the jar’s size. Many brands, however, choose to package their peanut butter by weight, and a popular weight is 1 pound.

If you include the weight of the jar and lid, this means that a single small jar of peanut butter weighs right around 600 grams.

If you can imagine holding a jar of peanut butter, you can estimate how 600 grams feels with relative accuracy.

open jar of peanut butter with peanuts

One to Two Pairs of Jeans

Usually, when a person thinks about a pair of jeans, they don’t think about how much they weigh. However, most jeans weigh between 12 and 16 ounces, on average.

This means that one to two pairs of jeans weigh just about 600 grams.

How heavy a pair of jeans is depends on the type of jean material and the size of the jeans. Lightweight jeans, which are comfortable and great for casual wear, usually weigh about 12 ounces or 340 grams.

Heavyweight jeans, which are much more durable and might be used as work pants, weigh closer to 16 grams or about 1 pound.

If the jeans are a larger size, they’ll also weigh more, as there will be more fabric.

pair of jeans against a wooden wall

A Basketball

Basketballs are one of the best items for estimating what 600 grams feels like because most basketballs that are of a standard size and have been properly inflated weigh 22 ounces or about 624 grams.

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Anyone who has ever held a basketball can easily imagine the weight of 600 grams.

basketball on hardwood floor

A Single Men’s Shoe

Most men’s shoes and some heavier women’s shoes weigh about 1 pound or just under 600 grams. How much any given shoe weighs can vary, of course, depending on the shoe’s style, size, and materials.

Boots, for example, are heavier than sneakers or flats, and a single boot might weigh 600 grams by itself. Women’s flats usually weigh about 300 grams each, so you would need a pair to equal 600 grams.

pair of men's leather shoes

A Cabbage

A few varieties of cabbages are available, but in your local grocery store, you’re most likely to purchase a smooth-leafed green cabbage or a smooth-leafed purple cabbage.

A single cabbage of either of these varieties can vary in weight depending on its growing conditions and how long it was allowed to grow.

However, most cabbages weigh between 500 and 1,000 grams, with many cabbages weighing in right around 600 grams.

green cabbage

A Hoodie

Like jeans, most people don’t consider the weight of a hoodie, unless they use the hoodie’s weight to try to determine how warm it will be.

Each hoodie weighs a slightly different amount depending on its material, whether it’s lined, and how large it is. The cut of a hoodie can also change its weight.

On average, though, hoodies weigh anywhere from about 450 to 700 grams, and many hoodies weigh very close to 600 grams.

woman wearing a white hoodie next to a wood fence

A Loaf of Bread

One loaf of bread weighs about 1 pound or very close to 600 grams. Dense breads, such as whole grain, or any bread with added fruit or nuts will weigh a bit more, so you can estimate that the loaf will weigh right around, if not exactly, 600 grams.

loaf of bread on a cutting board

120 Nickels

Nickels are a fantastic way to get a feel for any weight because each nickel weighs an exact amount. This also makes nickels a great tool for making sure a scale is accurate.

One nickel weighs exactly 5 grams, so you would need 120 nickels, which equals $6, to add up to 600 grams.

USA nickel coins

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