Standard Thank You Cards - Sizes And Weights

Standard Thank You Cards – Sizes And Weights Revealed

If you’re mailing out thank you cards, it’s important that your cards look the way you want so you can fully express your appreciation.

However, if you’re choosing or designing cards, it can be tricky to know what a standard size is.

There are a few options for thank you card sizes, and learning about those options can make picking the right cards easier.

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Standard Thank You Card Sizes

Most thank you cards are folded cards. These cards have a short message, which could be as simple as the words “Thank you,” or an image on the front.

Sometimes the image is combined with the words. The card can be opened to see a more detailed, personal message inside.

In general, a folded card will measure either 3 inches tall and 5 inches wide or 5 inches tall and 7 inches wide. This means that a smaller card is equal to about 7.6 centimeters tall and 12.7 centimeters wide, while a larger standard card is about 12.7 centimeters tall and 17.8 centimeters wide.

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Other Thank You Card Sizes

Although the two sizes mentioned above are the most common, there are no real rules about how big a thank you note should be.

The size of a thank you card depends largely on who the card’s designer was and how they wanted the particular card to look. Because of this, cards can be a variety of sizes.

Other thank you card sizes include 2 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, 4.125 inches tall by 5.875 inches wide, 4.25 inches tall by 5.6 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide, and 5.875 inches tall by 8.25 inches wide.

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Thank You Card Weights

Exactly how much a card weighs depends on its exact size, what type and thickness the card paper is, and whether there are any extra decorations, such as additional paper, feathers, glitter, or beads.

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However, in general, a thank you card weighs between 1 and 2 ounces or about 28.35 to 56.699 grams.

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Factors to Consider

As long as you find a card design that suits your taste, the size of the card doesn’t overly matter.

However, if you’re having a difficult time choosing or designing a card, there are some factors you can consider when it comes to size.

First, you may want to consider the cost. If you’re designing cards, larger cards usually cost more to print. Larger packaged cards might also cost a bit more than smaller cards.

Bigger cards also weigh slightly more, so they can be a bit more expensive to mail.

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If you’re only sending a few cards, cost might not be too much of an issue, but if you’re sending many cards, such as the thank you cards you might send after a wedding or a baby shower, you may want to consider how the cost of each card will add up.

If you want to add a personal message on each card, you may want to opt for bigger cards that offer more writing space.

If they’re sending many cards, people often choose to use a template or print a small thank you note on each card. However, adding a personal hand-written note can make a thank you card feel more special.

Size also matters when it comes to the design and any images you want to print on the card.

If you’re designing special cards, such as cards that have a specific picture on the front, you’ll want to choose a card size that’s large enough to easily accommodate the picture.

It’s also important to remember that most pictures can’t be printed right to the edges of the card but instead require a small border.

If you’re designing cards, make sure you account for enough room for both the image and the border area.

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