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7 Things That Are 2 Feet Tall (# 7 Will Surprise You)

Last updated on October 27th, 2022 at 11:37 am

Knowing the height of certain items can be very helpful in everyday life. Referencing things around you to determine height is not only educational but interesting at the same time. 

If you are looking to find out the height of a certain coffee table and it was the same height as your Golden retriever dog which you know is 2 feet tall, then it is now easy to know the height of the table. 

Every day we see things that are 2 feet tall including many items in your home that you might use all the time. 

Here are an additional 7 things that are 2 feet tall.

  1. 4-month-old baby
  2. Coffee and end tables
  3. Fence and garden panels
  4. Desk or office lamp
  5. 2 Subway subs
  6. Golden retriever dog
  7. 24 hockey pucks

Did you know? 2 feet is equal to 24 inches or 60.96 cm.

#1. 4-month-old baby

4 month old baby

The average height of a 4-month-old baby is around 2 feet. This is for a girl as boys could be 2” or more taller. This number can vary and the growth rate of a child in the first year greatly depends on its length at birth. Between month 4 and month 12 (1 year), the baby’s growth will only be another 5” and be 29-30” total at 12 months. 

#2. Coffee/End table

2 foot high coffee table

Coffee and End tables are built in many different shapes and sizes.

A common height for these tables is 2 feet or 24” tall. This is a comfortable height for most people and it will match other furniture sizes in your home. 

#3. Fence and garden panels

garden fence panels

If you like to work in the garden, there are many different types of decorative fence panels for you to use. One of the most common sizes for these is 2 feet tall.

Perhaps you are keeping small pets in your yard or building a DIY fence project, you most likely will use 2-foot tall panels.

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This could include rustproof metal garden panels, mesh wire fencing, plastic folding fence panels, and many others.

There are several uses for fencing and garden panels that are 24” or 2 feet tall. 

#4. Desk/Office lamp

2 foot tall desk lamp

Many office desk lamps are fully adjustable and can be set to the height of your liking. Of course, depending on the size of your desk and sitting location, you may need a lamp that is taller or shorter.

A common desk lamp size is 2 feet tall. Sometimes the lamp arm will be shorter and will measure 24” from the top to the base.

The next time you are looking at a desk lamp, check it out and you will see that it is very close to 2 feet tall.  

#5. 2 Subway subs

footlong sandwiches

Who knew that 2 Subway subs standing on end are the same height as a 4-month-old baby? But it’s true.

The footlong Subway sub is 12” long or 1 foot long so one on top of the other is 2 feet tall. Also, 4 of the 6” Subway subs is the same height as 2 footlongs. 

#6. Golden retriever dog

2 foot tall golden retriever

The Golden retriever dog can grow to around 2 feet tall. It is quite common for a male Golden retriever to reach 24” tall but the female might only reach 22” tall.

They are one of the most common dog breeds in the world and are a great choice for a family.

A large male Golden retriever will reach 2 feet tall and weigh 75 pounds when fully grown.

#7. 24 Hockey pucks

 hockey puck

The standard-size hockey puck is 1” tall. If you place 24 of them on top of each other, you will have a 2-foot tall stack of hockey pucks.

If you are a hockey fan, you may have known this already but if not you can now tell a friend that your Golden retriever dog is the same height as 24 hockey pucks!

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