What Can You Fit In A 9-Foot Cargo Van?

What Can You Fit In A 9-Foot Cargo Van?

If you are moving or just relocating a few items from one place to another, using a 9-foot cargo van is a great option.

Cargo vans are readily available to rent or if you know someone with a cargo van, perhaps they will let you use it and even help you with the move.

Cargo vans can vary in size and depending on the interior dimensions, you may be limited as to which items will fit inside.

Knowing the actual dimensions of a 9-foot cargo van and the size of the items you plan on loading will help you move go much smoother.

The following items will fit inside a 9-foot cargo van. If you have any of these items, don’t worry, you will have enough space inside the cargo van.

men moving chairs out of a cargo van

Dimensions of a 9-foot cargo van

Before you start loading the van, it’s important to know the actual dimensions of the inside cargo area.

Although not all vans are the same with respect to size, most 9-foot cargo vans will be very close to having the same dimensions.

On average, a 9-foot cargo van will have interior cargo dimensions of 9’6″ long x 5’7″ wide x 4’8″ high.

The measurements in inches are 114″ long x 67″ wide x 56″ high.

These vans will have around 20 cubic feet of interior space.

So even though the cargo van is called a 9-foot van, the actual dimensions of the inside space are a bit larger.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to close the rear doors if you pack the van to the very back. It will depend on what items you have placed at the back.

What Can You Fit In A 9-Foot Cargo Van?

The following items are commonly moved using a 9-foot cargo van and will fit inside.


One of the most common items to move is a couch. Most couches are between 6 to 7 feet long and 3 feet wide so you won’t have a problem fitting a couch into a cargo van.

The height of the couch is not a concern either as it will be around 32″ high and the cargo van is 56″ high.

Some people also use a pickup truck to move a couch as it will fit into the truck bed. It’s possible that the tailgate may not close depending on the length of the couch.

standard couch dimensions


Another common item to move with a cargo van is a tv. Most TVs these days are flat panel that can either be wall-mounted or used with a stand.

Most flat-screen TVs will fit inside a 9-foot cargo van unless the tv is unusually large. For example, the average dimensions of a 75-inch tv are 65 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. 

Not all TVs will have the same dimensions but if you are planning to move a big-screen tv, it will fit inside a cargo van.

Depending on the screen size, you may have to place the tv inside the cargo van lengthwise as it’s possible that the tv is too wide to fit side to side inside the van.

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With a 75-inch tv being 65 inches wide and the cargo van being 67 inches wide, it could be a tight fit and the wheel wells of the van could be in the way depending on how you placed the tv.

cargo van inside dimensions

Most likely you will be wrapping the tv or placing it into a moving box so you will need to take the dimensions of the box into consideration.

Even if you place the tv inside a large moving box, it will still fit into a 9-foot cargo van.


If you are moving to a new location that doesn’t already have a washer and dryer, you may be taking your current set with you.

Most washers and dryers will fit inside a cargo van without issues.

Of course, not all washers and dryers are the same size but it’s quite common to transport them inside a cargo van and they will fit.

With the washer and dryer standing up vertically inside the van, there will still be around 23 inches of space between the top of the washer and dryer and the roof of the van.

If you are moving the pedestals as well, this will add 15.5 inches to the height making them just under 60 inches tall with 7 inches to spare under the roof of the van.

washer and dryer dimensions


A boxspring and mattress are other common items often moved in cargo vans. The most popular bed size is the queen size.

The queen-size mattress has dimensions of 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. So just over 6.5 feet long and 5 feet wide.

As you can see there is no problem moving a queen-sized mattress with a cargo van as space is not a concern.

The mattress will not stand up vertically but will fit perfectly on its side.

You can also fit a queen-sized mattress with the boxspring inside a cargo van.

If you have a king-sized bed, it will fit as well. So any bed smaller than a king size will fit easily.

You can actually fit a queen-sized mattress inside certain minivans. So if a cargo van is not available to you, try a minivan.

queen size mattress dimensions

Other items that will fit into a 9-foot cargo van

How much weight can a 9-foot cargo van carry?

When loading all of your items into a cargo van, you may be concerned about the van’s maximum weight capacity.

On average, a cargo van will have a cargo capacity of 3,700 to 4,030 pounds with the average being 3,880 pounds.

Depending on the items that you are moving, it’s possible to exceed the maximum weight limit of the van. Check the owner’s manual for the van you are using to confirm it’s allowable cargo weight.

It’s important to not overload the van’s capacity.

But provided that your items don’t exceed the weight limit of the van, you shouldn’t have any weight issues.

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