Will A 75-Inch TV Fit In A Minivan?

Will A 75-Inch TV Fit In A Minivan?

If you are in the market for a new big screen tv, something you will need to consider is how you will transport the tv home. 

A 75-inch tv is one of the larger tv’s on the market and is generally too large to fit inside many vehicles. So getting a tv of this size home from the store might be a concern for you unless delivery is available. 

Of course, there are certain vehicles that have enough space to fit a 75-inch tv. If you are the owner of a minivan, you may be wondering if that new 75-inch tv you just purchased will fit inside. Keep reading to find out. 

Will A 75-Inch TV Fit In A Minivan?

Will A 75-Inch TV Fit In A Minivan?

Yes, a 75-inch tv will fit inside most minivans. If you own a minivan, you are in luck and can save the money on a delivery fee for your new tv. Most minivans are large enough for a 75-inch tv can fit in the back providing the seats are removed or folded flat. 

Most newer model minivans have seats that fold into the floor. This makes it easy and convenient to fit a large tv inside the van. 

To ensure a 75-inch tv will fit inside your minivan, it’s important to measure ahead of time to confirm the dimensions of both the suv and the tv. 

What are the dimensions of a 75-inch tv?

Something to understand about 75-inch tv’s is that they are not all the same size. The actual dimensions can vary between different makes and models. Certain tv’s can have wider trims and some are thicker than others. 

This is also true for most TV sizes. Just because the tv is sold as a 75-inch tv, it doesn’t mean that all 75-inch tvs have the same dimensions.

But on average, a 75-inch tv will have the dimensions of 65 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. The 75 inches measurement refers to the actual diagonal distance from corner to corner of the tv screen. 

Keep in mind that a new tv will come packaged inside a large box which will add extra size to the tv itself. On average, a 75-inch tv inside the packaging will have the dimensions of 73 inches wide, 45 inches tall, and 10 inches thick. So you need to account for the size of the packaging when measuring your minivan. 

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How much cargo space is available in a minivan?

Of course, not all minivans are the same with respect to dimensions and available cargo space. But on average, a minivan cargo space measures 58 inches in height, 84 inches in length from the rear door to the front seats, and 60 inches wide. The rear door is not as wide as the width of the van. Most minivans will have a rear door width of 48 inches. 

So as you can see by looking at the dimensions of a 75-inch tv and the dimensions of a minivan, your new tv will fit inside. 

If the opening of the minivan door is not not tall enough for the tv to fit upright, you can angle the tv from corner to corner to fit through the door. Once through the door, the tv will fit either laying down or standing upright. 

Another thing to consider is that most tv manufacturers mention that you only transport the tv in the upright position. Laying it on its front or back is not recommended. But this won’t be a concern as a 75-inch tv should fit standing up once you fit it through the rear hatch. 

Examples of minivans that are suitable for a 75-inch tv

The following list are examples of minivans that you can transport a 75-inch tv in. 

  • Dodge Caravan
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Kia Carnival
full size minivan

Can you fit a 75-inch tv in an suv?

I can tell you from experience that a 75-inch tv will not fit inside a suv. I recently purchased a new LG 75-inch tv and I drive a Nissan Rogue suv. After measuring the dimensions, I knew that it wasn’t possible. I paid the delivery fee. 

Most suvs are suitable to hold a 55-inch tv. Anything larger probably won’t fit. 

In summary, if you recently purchased a new 75-inch tv and need to transport it home, it will not fit inside a normal sized car or suv. If you have a minivan like the ones mentioned above, it should fit without any concerns. If you happen to have a pick-up truck or cargo van, the tv will fit as well. 

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